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  Added Hitchcock's Bible Names dictionary 
2nd May, 2001

I was just going through some public domain resources again and thought that this was a going to be a good addition to the site. Just about two hours work and now, we have a dictionary of Bible Names. Praise God for all these available resources.
  Added an "About Us" page 
11th October 2000

Ever wondered how this site came about or who we are? This page gives a short introduction to the vision of this site.
  Added Free Bible Search tools 
10th October 2000

We've had our bible search tools for finding a particular book or for finding a particular phrase on our site for some time now. What we have done is now make it available for others to use this tool as a resource on their own web-site:
  Added introduction to books of the Bible 
21st June 2000

We just added introduction or narrative to the books of the Bible. When you select the "Study Bible" link, you will find a page that comes up with all the books of the Bible. Select any of the books and you will now see a narrative describing the book.

I selected Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary narrative because I find that he really describes the book from the perspective of Christ. Even in the Old Testament, Matthew Henry relates what was written to what God has planned for us in the beginning through Christ. He helps place the book in the proper context.

Try it: http://mydevotion.com/logos
  ChristSites gave us an award 
14th June, 2000

We did not expect to get another award. This time from Christsites.com. To God be the glory.

Here's what they said:
"Congratulations! Your site (A Devotional Bible Study) has been
honored with an award from ChristSites.com!

Your site stood out from hundreds of other sites, and we gave it a 4 star rating! It is our policy to only give awards to the highest quality of Christian sites."

You can also check out the award review here:
http://www.christsites.com/awardreview.cfm?siteid=4401 .
  We've been promoted by Snap 
4th May, 2000

Praise God. Some good news that we received from the Snap directory team. This is what they've said:

(The Snap Directory team is pleased to inform you that a site you submitted to Snap LiveDirectory:


has distinguished itself as one of the most popular LiveDirectory sites in its category. In recognition, we have promoted the site to Snap's premium Directory, found at http://edition.snap.com.

Each site in Snap's premium Directory has been independently reviewed by one of our editors and placed where it will be available both in the Top Web Sites section of search results and in our topic-based directory of Web listings.)

If you use snap regularly, try the search term "bible verses". We are listed on the first page under Top Web Sites.
  What others say ... 
4th May, 2000

We received two awards and we haven't put it up for some time because we just don't know where to place them. We created this page to place comments on what our members have said about the site when registering, and as a placeholder for the awards.

  Bible Reading Plan 
30th March, 2000
Just added the bible reading plan. I'm sure you will enjoy it. I've found it somewhere and I thought it was wonderful how the bible reading plan was separated into the four tracks based on the four type of books:

1. Old Testament: History/Prophets
2. Old Testament: Wisdom Books
3. New Testament: Gospel
4. New Testament: Letters

This is better than reading the Bible from beginning to end. Wisdom books and the Gospels are easier to read and you get to read them everyday along with the other type of books.

  Spurgeon's Morning and Evening Devotions 
28th February, 2000
Added Spurgeon's Devotions. Read a new devotion 366 days in a year.

  Prayer Email archive 
16th February, 2000
Added an archive for prayer emails that have been sent to prayer group

  General Questions forum 
8th February, 2000
Started a general questions forum for those questions or items that do not relate directly to a bible verse. Prior to this, we only have a Question and Answer forum for questions on bible verses.

General Questions forum:
  Released screensaver verses: Inspiration 
6th February 2000
Have you downloaded our animated cartoon talking bible screensaver? View the first 100 quotations/verses that are available for registered users.

To download: http://mydevotion.com/ss/download.asp
To view verses: http://mydevotion.com/ss/verses-00feb.asp
  Improved dictionary 
3rd February, 2000
Now, even the Easton's dictionary has links to our online bible. Where possible, we have attached links to the dictionary so that you can quickly cross-reference a bible verse while still reading the dictionary. To try this out, Click here: www.mydevotion.com/logos/bibledict.asp
  Improved Commentaries 
25th January, 2000
Placed links in MHC and JFB commentaries so that people will be able to cross-reference bible verses in the commentaries to our online bible. Want to find out more? Click here: www.mydevotion.com/bible/online.asp
  Find bible phrase 
18th January, 2000
Placed "find bible phrase" in a more prominent location on the web pages. Many people have been using this feature since. Now, we have improved the find phrase feature. We will search for the phrase in the King James version first. If we can't find it, we will proceed to searching the New International version automatically.
  Book Reviews 
16th January, 2000
Placed book reviews into a forum. People can now read a Christian book and place their reviews into the site.
  Started a prayer email forum 
10th January 2000
Started emailing prayer requests to people who volunteered to be prayer partners.
  People can find us 
8th January, 2000
We finally appeared in the search engines after submitting our site about a month ago. That really improved our hits.
  Verse Questions 
5th January, 2000
Two people asked us to have a special place where people can place questions to bible verses. Launched this feature on 5th January.
  Prayer Request Forum 
17th December, 1999
Started a prayer request forum. Placed my own prayer requests up.
  First Person that registered 
6th December, 1999
We couldn't believe it. Someone has registered.
  First Person to visit the site 
30th November 1999
One of the landmark dates. Someone visited us from www.dogpile.com
  Online Bible 
23rd November 1999
We started the beta of mydevotion.com on the internet. We uploaded the online bible. Initial features:
- Bookmark your favorite verse
- Create and post topical verses
- Post personal insights to bible verses



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