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mydevotion: online bible study

Bringing people together and closer to God

...written on 11th October 2000

Who are we?
Only pilgrims in this world, journeying to a place where we can meet God face to face.

Since we have started this web-site, people have been writing to us and asking us for an introduction to ourselves. It has been 9 months and we have been silent. I always felt that it wasn't necessary because God is the One who is ultimately behind this web-site. But I know how it feels going to a web-site and finding out about the people behind the web-site to establish credibility of the material. So, here we are with this page.

My name is Wai Hun See. I am from Malaysia and I am the author of this web-site. I am not alone in this endeavour. There have been many people involved. The first person that I should thank is my business partner and one of my best friends, John Lim. He has been the greatest critic and a contributor to a lot of the design and ideas for this web-site. He, however, is still an unbeliever, so please pray for him. Then there's people like Saw Ean Gaik and Naaman Lee who contributed to the vision of the site and who encouraged me when this all started. I first approached my then bible study teacher, John Choo, about this and he gave me a prophecy that this web-site will bring many people together and closer to God, hence the theme for the site.

And then, there are all the members and the prayer warriors at the site. Since this site began, God has been so gracious. People have been visiting and they have been registering and I have been receiving many encouraging emails from many people. This web-site has enriched my life and I know from the emails of others, it has enriched them also. This is because our focus on this site is on the Word of God and on ministering to others. Members can read the Word of God and they can share insights with one another and here we encourage everyone to pray for each other. It is this interaction that brings us together, closer to each other and closer to God.

I have been a Christian now for more than 15 years. There has been many ups and downs in my life. I believe that it is this brokenness that brought me closer to God and has made me richer in Christ because I know that God allows us to be broken and to die to ourselves before we can truly live for Him.

I now attend a very good church, Renewal Lutheran Church, a charismatic, bible-believing church that is dedicated to giving for missions and discipling. I know that this web-site is one of the ministries that God has given me and I hope that you will join us and we will grow together, side by side, serving God ... loving God wholeheartedly and loving people fervently.

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