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bullet I am always looking for a site I can use as a resource! I liked this one instantly! :) God bless you!! :) -- cabin (Kimberly Raines)

bullet I pray God continues to bless this web-site ministry by answering all prayers and supplications according to his will -- taby810 (Tammy L. Abshear)

bullet love to study GOD'S WORD. THIS IS HELPFUL -- dr0065 (Dwayne Robinson)

bullet Thank you for this wonderful site. It's nice to see good in the net for a change. Something we can all relate to. God Bless. -- lauren782 (Lauren)

bullet Nice site! I really like the "frames" feature (and especially with the Bible Dictionary where you can look up sited references without leaving the Dictionary entry) -- sswan (Sandy Swanner)

bullet keep it up! -- mariconfries (Maria Concepcion B. Cueva)

bullet I think this is such a good site, glad I found it today. -- camp13 (Ann Spencer)

bullet Where GOD is Glorified, JESUS is Magnified, and the spirit Satisfies!!!! -- virtuous2 (virtuous2)

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