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Try the evaluation copy at our web-site. If you like the screen saver, buy it for $14.95 US.

We update these pages frequently so you can always download other fun animated characters and new quotations on a variety of topics.


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Entering Your Registration Key

After registering, we will email you the registration key. This registration key will unlock the features that were disabled in the free demo version. This includes handling multiple verse files, activates the verse editor, removal of nag messages and removes the restriction limiting the number of verses in a verse file to 14.

To enter the registration key:

  1. Open the Display control panel.

  2. Click on the Screen Saver tab, make sure the mydevotion popup is selected, and click on Screen Saver Settings... button as shown below.

  3. At the very bottom of the MyDevotion settings screen, you will see a Register... button. Click on that button.

  4. Enter the name and registration key that you were emailed in the form that appears.

Features of the Registered Version

The registered version of MyDevotion Screen Saver has many additional features:

1. A free verse editor, which can be downloaded.

2. Unlimited number of verses spoken (the unregistered version is limited to 14 quotations).

3. Verses can be stored in multiple files for easier storage.

4. Download more inspirational verses from the Bible and other sources.

5. Lots of other animated free characters to download!

6. No more nag messages.

When you buy this program, we will provide you with registration key that unlocks the above features


One license entitles the user to install the registered version of the Screen Saver in one physical computer. Additional licenses need to be purchased if you wish to install the MyDevotion Screen Saver in multiple computers.Uses Microsoft Agents 2.0.