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Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary


Zaanannim, movings; a person asleep
Zaavan, trembling
Zabad, dowry; endowed
Zabbai, flowing
Zabdi, same as Zabad
Zaccai, pure meat; just
Zaccheus, pure; clean; just
Zaccur, of the male kind; mindful
Zachariah, memory of the Lord
Zadok, just; justified
Zaham, crime; filthiness; impurity
Zair, little; afflicted; in tribulation
Zalaph, shadow; ringing; shaking
Zalmon, his shade; his image
Zalmonah, the shade; the sound of the number; his image
Zalmunna, shadow; image; idol forbidden
Zamzummims, projects of crimes; enormous crimes
Zanoah, forgetfulness; desertion
Zaphnath-paaneah, one who discovers hidden things
Zarah, east; brightness
Zareah, leprosy; hornet
Zared, strange descent
Zarephath, ambush of the mouth
Zaretan, tribulation; perplexity
Zatthu, olive tree
Zaza, belonging to all
Zebadiah, portion of the Lord; the Lord is my portion
Zebah, victim; sacrifice
Zebedee, abundant; portion
Zebina, flowing now; selling; buying
Zeboiim, deer; goats
Zebudah, endowed; endowing
Zebul, a habitation
Zebulun, Zebulon, dwelling; habitation
Zechariah, same as Zachariah
Zedad, his side; his hunting
Zedekiah, the Lord is my justice; the justice of the Lord
Zeeb, wolf
Zelah, rib; side; halting
Zelek, the shadow or noise of him that licks or laps
Zelophehad, the shade or tingling of fear
Zelotes, zealous
Zelzah, noontide
Zemaraim, wool; pith
Zemira, song; vine; palm
Zenan, coldness; target; weapon
Zenas, living
Zephaniah, the Lord is my secret
Zephath, which beholds; that attends or that covers
Zepho, Zephon, that sees and observes; that expects or covers
Zer, perplexity
Zerah, same as Zarah
Zerahiah, the Lord rising; brightness of the Lord
Zeredah, ambush; change of dominion
Zeresh, misery; strange; dispersed inheritance
Zereth, same as Zer
Zeror, root; that straitens or binds; that keeps tight
Zeruah, leprous; wasp; hornet
Zerubbabel, a stranger at Babylon; dispersion of confusion
Zeruiah, pain or tribulation of the Lord
Zethar, he that examines or beholds
Zia, sweat; swelling
Ziba, army; fight; strength
Zibeon, iniquity that dwells
Zibiah, the Lord dwells; deer; goat
Zichri, that remembers; that is a man
Ziddim, huntings; treasons; destructions
Zidkijah, justice of the Lord
Zidon, hunting; fishing; venison
Zif, this or that; brightness; comeliness
Ziha, brightness; whiteness; drought
Ziklag, measure pressed down
Zillah, shadow; the tingling of the ear
Zilpah, distillation from the mouth
Zilthai, my shadow; my talk
Zimmah, thought; wickedness
Zimran, song; singer; vine
Zimzi, my field; my vine
Zin, buckler; coldness
Zina, shining; going back
Zion, monument; raised up; sepulcher
Zior, ship of him that watches
Ziph, this mouth or mouthful; falsehood
Ziphron, falsehood of a song; rejoicing
Zippor, bird; sparrow; crown; desert
Zipporah, beauty; trumpet; mourning
Zithri, to hide; demolished
Ziz, flower; branch; a lock of hair
Ziza, same as Zina
Zoan, motion
Zoar, little; small
Zobah, Zobebah, an army; warring
Zohar, white; bright; dryness
Zoheleth, that creeps, slides, or draws
Zoheth, separation; amazing
Zophah, viol; honeycomb
Zophar, rising early; crown
Zophim, place for a watchman
Zorah, leprosy; scab; hornet
Zorobabel, same as Zerubbabel
Zuar, same as Zoar
Zuph, that beholds, observes, watches; roof; covering
Zur, stone; rock; that besieges
Zuriel, rock or strength of God
Zurishaddai, the Almighty is my rock and strength
Zuzims, the posts of a door; splendor; beauty