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Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary


Aaron, a teacher; lofty; mountain of strength
Abaddon, the destroyer
Abagtha, father of the wine-press
Abana, made of stone; a building
Abarim, passages; passengers
Abba, father
Abda, a servant; servitude
Abdeel, a vapor; a cloud of God
Abdi, my servant
Abdiel, servant of God
Abdon, servant; cloud of judgment
Abednego, servant of light; shining
Abel, vanity; breath; vapor
Abel, a city; mourning
Abel-beth-maachah, mourning to the house of Maachah
Abel-maim, mourning of waters
Abel-meholah, mourning of sickness
Abel-mizraim, the mourning of Egyptians
Abel-shittim, mourning of thorns
Abez, an egg; muddy
Abi, my father
Abiah, the Lord is my father
Abi-albon, most intelligent father
Abiasaph, consuming father; gathering
Abiathar, excellent father; father of the remnant
Abib, green fruit; ears of corn
Abidah, father of knowledge
Abidan, father of judgment
Abiel, God my father
Abiezer, father of help
Abigail, the father's joy
Abihail, the father of strength
Abihu, he is my father
Abihud, father of praise; confession
Abijah, the Lord is my father
Abijam, father of the sea
Abilene, the father of mourning
Abimael, a father sent from God
Abimelech, father of the king
Abinadab, father of a vow, or of willingness
Abinoam, father of beauty
Abiram, high father; father of deceit
Abishag, ignorance of the father
Abishai, the present of my father
Abishalom, father of peace
Abishua, father of salvation
Abishur, father of the wall; father of uprightness
Abital, the father of the dew; or of the shadow
Abitub, father of goodness
Abiud, father of praise
Abner, father of light
Abram, high father
Abraham, father of a great multitude
Absalom, father of peace
Accad, a vessel; pitcher; spark
Accho, close; pressed together
Aceldama, field of blood
Achab, brother of the father
Achaia, grief; trouble
Achaicus, a native of Achaia; sorrowing; sad
Achan, or Achar, he that troubleth
Achaz, one that takes, or possesses
Achbor, a rat; bruising
Achim, preparing; revenging; confirming
Achish, thus it is; how is this
Achmetha, brother of death
Achor, trouble
Achsah, adorned; bursting the veil
Achshaph, poison; tricks
Achzib, liar; lying; one that runs
Adadah, testimony of the assembly
Adah, an assembly
Adaiah, the witness of the Lord
Adaliah, one that draws water; poverty; cloud; death
Adam, earthy; red
Adamah, red earth; of blood
Adami, my man; red; earthy; human
Adar, high; eminent
Adbeel, vapor, or cloud of God
Addi, my witness; adorned; prey
Addin, adorned; delicious; voluptuous
Addon, basis; foundation; the Lord
Adiel, the witness of the Lord
Adin, Adina, adorned; voluptuous; dainty
Adithaim, assemblies; testimonies
Adlai, my witness; my ornament
Admah, earthy; red; bloody
Admatha, a cloud of death; a mortal vapor
Adna, pleasure; delight
Adnah, eternal rest
Adoni-bezek, the lightning of the Lord; the Lord of lightning
Adonijah, the Lord is my master
Adonikam, the Lord is raised
Adoniram, my Lord is most high; Lord of might and elevation
Adoni-zedek, justice of the Lord; lord of justice
Adoraim, strength of the sea
Adoram, their beauty; their power
Adrammelech, the cloak, glory, grandeur or power of the king
Adramyttium, the court of death
Adriel, the flock of God
Adullam, their testimony; their prey; their ornament
Adummim, earthy; red; bloody things
Aeneas, praised; praiseworthy
Aenon, a cloud; fountain; his eye
Agabus, a locust; the father's joy or feast
Agag, roof; upper floor
Agar, or Hagar, a stranger; one that fears
Agee, a valley; deepness
Agrippa, one who causes great pain at his birth
Agur, stranger; gathered together
Ahab, uncle, or father's brother
Aharah, a smiling brother; a meadow of a sweet savor
Aharhel, another host; the last sorrow; a brother's sheep
Ahasbai, trusting in me; a grown-up brother
Ahasuerus, prince; head; chief
Ahava, essence; being; generation
Ahaz, one that takes or possesses
Ahaziah, seizure; vision of the Lord
Ahi, my brother; my brethren
Ahiah, brother of the Lord
Ahiam, mother's brother; brother of a nation
Ahian, brother of wine
Ahiezer, brother of assistance
Ahihud, brother of vanity, or of darkness, or of joy, or of praise; witty brother
Ahijah, same with Ahiah
Ahikam, a brother who raises up or avenges
Ahilud, a brother born, or begotten
Ahimaaz, a brother of the council
Ahiman, brother of the right hand
Ahimelech, my brother is a king; my king's brother
Ahimoth, brother of death
Ahinadab, a willing brother; brother of a vow
Ahinoam, beauty of the brother; brother of motion
Ahio, his brother; his brethren
Ahira, brother of iniquity; brother of the shepherd
Ahiram, brother of craft, or of protection
Ahisamach, brother of strength
Ahishahur, brother of the morning or dew; brother of blackness
Ahishar, brother of a prince; brother of a song
Ahithophel, brother of ruin or folly
Ahitub, brother of goodness
Ahlab, made of milk, or of fat; brother of the heart
Ahlai, beseeching; sorrowing; expecting
Ahoah, a live brother; my thorn or thistle
Aholah, his tabernacle; his tent
Aholiab, the tent of the father
Aholibah, my tent, or my tabernacle, in her
Aholibamah, my tabernacle is exalted
Ahumai, a meadow of waters; a brother of waters
Ahuzam, their taking or possessing vision
Ahuzzah, possession; seizing; collecting
Ai, or Hai, mass; heap
Aiah, vulture, raven; an isle; alas, where is it?
Aiath, same as Ai; an hour; eye; fountain
Aijeleth-Shahar, the land of the morning
Ain, same as Aiath
Ajalon, a chain; strength; a stag
Akkub, foot-print; supplanting; crookedness; lewdness
Akrabbim, scorpions
Alammelech, God is king
Alemeth, hiding; youth; worlds; upon the dead
Alexander, one who assists men
Alian, high
Alleluia, praise the Lord
Allon, an oak; strong
Allon-bachuth, the oak of weeping
Almodad, measure of God
Almon, hidden
Almon-diblathaim, hidden in a cluster of fig trees
Alpheus, a thousand; learned; chief
Alush, mingling together
Alvah, his rising up; his highness
Amad, people of witness; a prey
Amal, labor; iniquity
Amalek, a people that licks up
Aman, mother; fear of them
Amana, integrity; truth; a nurse
Amariah, the Lord says; the integrity of the Lord
Amasa, sparing the people
Amasai, strong
Amashai, the people's gift
Amashi-ali, same as Amaziah
Ami, mother; fear; people
Amaziah, the strength of the Lord
Aminadab, same as Amminadab
Amittai, true; fearing
Ammah, my, or his, people
Ammi, same as Ammah
Ammiel, the people of God
Ammihud, people of praise
Ammi-nadab, my people is liberal
Ammishaddai, the people of the Almighty; the Almighty is with me
Ammizabad, dowry of the people
Ammon, a people; the son of my people
Amnon, faithful and true; tutor
Amok, a valley; a depth
Amon, faithful; true
Amorite, bitter; a rebel; a babbler
Amos, loading; weighty
Amoz, strong; robust
Amplias, large; extensive
Amram, an exalted people; their sheaves; handfuls of corn
Amraphel, one that speaks of secrets
Amzi, strong, mighty
Anab, a grape; a knot
Anah, one who answers; afflicted
Anaharath, dryness, burning, wrath
Anak, a collar; ornament
Anamim, a fountain; answer; affliction
Anammelech, answer; poverty of the king
Anani, a cloud; prophecy; divination
Ananias, or Ananiah, the cloud of the Lord
Anathema, separated; set apart
Anathoth, or Anath, answer; song; poverty
Andrew, a strong man
Andronicus, a man excelling others
Anem, or Anen, an answer; their affliction
Aner, answer; song; affliction
Aniam, a people; the strength or sorrow of people
Anim, answerings; singings; afflicted
Anna, gracious; one who gives
Annas, one who answers; humble
Antichrist, an adversary to Christ
Antioch, speedy as a chariot
Antipas, for all, or against all
Antipatris, for, or against the father
Antothijah, answers or songs of the Lord; afflictions
Anub, same as Anab
Apelles, exclusion; separation
Apharsathchites, Apharsites (from a root meaning) dividing or rending
Aphek, Aphekah, Aphik, strength; a rapid torrent
Aphiah, speaking, blowing
Apocalypse, uncovering, revelation
Apocrypha, hidden
Apollonia, perdition, destruction
Apollonius, destroying
Apollos, one who destroys; destroyer
Apollyon, a destroyer
Appaim, face; nostrils
Apphia, productive; fruitful
Aquila, an eagle
Ar, awakening; uncovering
Ara, cursing; seeing
Arab, multiplying; sowing sedition; a window; a locust
Arabia, evening; desert; ravens
Arad, a wild ass; a dragon
Arah, the way; a traveler
Aram, highness, magnificence, one that deceives; curse
Aran, an ark; their curse
Ararat, the curse of trembling
Araunah, ark; song; joyful cry
Arba, four
Archelaus, the prince of the people
Archippus, a master of horses
Arcturus, a gathering together
Ard, one that commands; he that descends
Ardon, ruling; a judgment of malediction
Areli, the light or vision of God
Areopagus, the hill of Mars
Aretas, agreeable, virtuous
Argob, a turf, or fat land
Ariel, altar; light or lion of God
Arimathea, a lion dead to the Lord
Arioch, long; great; tall
Aristarchus, the best prince
Aristobulus, a good counselor
Armageddon, hill of fruits; mountain of Megiddo
Arnon, rejoicing; sunlight
Aroer, heath; tamarisk
Arpad, the light of redemption
Arphaxad, a healer; a releaser
Artaxerxes, the silence of light; fervent to spoil
Artemas, whole, sound
Arumah, high; exalted
Asa, physician; cure
Asahel, creature of God
Asaiah, the Lord hath wrought
Asaph, who gathers together
Asareel, the beatitude of God
Asenath, peril; misfortune
Ashan, smoke
Ashbel, an old fire
Ashdod, effusion; inclination; theft
Asher, happiness
Ashima, crime; offense
Ashkenaz, a fire that spreads
Ashnah, change
Ashriel, same as Asareel
Ashtaroth, Ashtoreth, flocks; sheep; riches
Ashur, who is happy; or walks; or looks
Asia, muddy; boggy
Asiel, the work of God
Askelon, weight; balance; fire of infamy
Asnapper, unhappiness; increase of danger
Asriel, help of God
Assir, prisoner; fettered
Asshurim, liers in want; beholders
Assos, approaching; coming near
Assur, same as Ashur
Assyria, country of Assur or Ashur
Asuppim, gatherings
Asyncritus, incomparable
Atad, a thorn
Atarah, a crown
Ataroth, crowns
Ataroth-addar, crowns of power
Ater, left hand; shut
Athach, thy time
Athaiah, the Lord's time
Athaliah, the time of the Lord
Athlai, my hour or time
Attai, same as Athlai
Attalia, that increases or sends
Attalus, increased, nourished
Augustus, increased, augmented
Ava, or Ivah, iniquity
Aven, iniquity; force; riches; sorrow
Avim, wicked or perverse men
Avith, wicked, perverse
Azaliah, near the Lord
Azaniah, hearing the Lord; the Lord's weapons
Azareel, help of God
Azariah, he that hears the Lord
Azaz, strong one
Azazel, the scape-goat
Azaziah, strength of the Lord
Azekah, strength of walls
Azgad, a strong army; a gang of robbers
Azmaveth, strong death; a he-goat
Azmon, bone of a bone; our strength
Aznoth-tabor, the ears of Tabor; the ears of purity or contrition
Azor, a helper; a court
Azotus, the same as Ashdod
Azriel, same as Asriel
Azrikam, help, revenging
Azubah, forsaken
Azur, he that assists or is assisted
Azzan, their strength
Azzur, same as Azur