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        my sister's pregnancy and the baby
My sister is peregnant- due in September. They did an ultrasound because she is large for her due date and because she could feel movement. They think the baby has down's syndrome and did a amniocentesis to make sure- results aren't in yet. Also the baby has a blockage in the urethra (I think that is correct- it cannot urinate) and possible kidney damage or failure. Needless to say we are all on pins and needles. Please pray for her(Beckie), her husband(Mike) and the baby. The pregnancy was unplanned but the baby was not unwanted. Both Beckie and Mike are wonderful parents who are going through a lot right now. They do not attend church. Please pray that God will guide them and draw them back to Him, also if it is His will I pray for a complete healing of this precious baby. Thank you. 
Monday, March 19, 2001 8:16:49 AM   aschnadelbach
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Friday, April 06, 2001 8:58:52 AM admin
      re:my sister's pregnancy and the baby   
My sister in Christ, the bible says[Mark 11:24] Therefore, I say unto you, what things soever, ye desire when ye pray,believe that ye recieved them and ye shall have them. If we show God, that we believe and have faith-no doubt whatsoever. Standing in the assurance that God will keep his promise. Your prayers will be answered. Father, in Heaven,Lord I thank you and I praise you, because you are the God of this world and power and dominion belong to you. Father, you see the need of this family, Father I ask that you send your healing annointing to your creation inside of their mother's womb and in the Mighty Name of Jesus, let every cell, vein, and vessel, bone, brain structure fall into a normal range in the name of Jesus! Now father, I am stepping out on my faith, the gift of faith you have blessed me with. I am believing and I claiming totally healing for this child in the name of Jesus! Father, Bless the mom and dad, bring them into the knowlegde of your you and your word, allow them to come to know the wonders of your love in the name of jesus! Let their son or daughters normal birth and be a living testiomony so that they will share this good news to all they meet. All Glory and Honor belongs to you All Mighty Father, You done so much for me and you have blessed me with the annointing to pray and I thank You for choosing me. Father,I thank you for the miracle you will perform in these dear ones lives In the Mighty Name of jesus Amen! 
Monday, March 19, 2001 11:39:54 AM guest
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