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   Prayer Email archive:
        (10/15/2000) a time for peace
Hello prayer warriors,

1. Prayer note: a time for peace

[Ecclesiastes 3:7b-8]
a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; A time to
love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of

We've been talking about making a stand and learning
to move from loving ourselves to "hating" or denying
ourselves and loving God.

Chris Gabbriot talked about silence. When given a
choice, we need to make a stand for a friend, for our
lives or for a situation. Many times silence means
consent. Not making a stand is a stand in itself and
the worst position is many times the middle ground.

So it is with other things in our life. We have this
false sense of contentment where we are contented with
our lives and we do not want to move into an area of
discomfort and fight for a cause. That was exactly
what David told the men of Israel when they were
confronted with Goliath. He asked [1 Samuel 17:29]
"Is there not a cause?"

Is there not a cause in your life now? My pastor once
told some of us about dealing with our past .. "the
devil has already destroyed your marriage, are you
going to let him destroy your ministry?". The right
way to deal with our past is to make a choice to be a
winner in our present and in our future.

If you want to truly understand peace and contentment,
it can only be accomplished when we have gone to
battle and to war for our cause. Your cause is what
God has planned for you in your life. You should
always be progressing for the cause, so that at the
end of it, you too can be like Jesus and say "it is
finished, I have finished my race". Do not die with
your song still not sung and with God's plan for you
still unaccomplished because you faltered half-way and
forgot your cause.

2. New prayer requests:
i. My crazy life -- lisa101
I am 35 years old. My name is Lisa. I have 3 children
ages 4, 2 & 8 months & I have a step-son age 10. My
children are great, just normal kids. My husband works
a great deal. We are both born again christians, but
our life is so crazy. My husband works a lot & tends
to drink & smoke cigarrettes to deal with stress. I am
alone with the 3 young ones a great deal & I tend to
get depressed and angry. I also abuse food to deal
with stress. I feel like crying so often because I
want my family to be happy & Christ centered, but it
is such a mess so often. My house is a mess & I can't
seem to get any type of organization there. My
children are precious & I tend to get upset with them.
We just need balance & God's guidance to get our lives
in order. Pray for us that God would guide us & get us
out of this dark hole.

ii. continue to pray for my two sons -- guest
Continue to pray for my sons-jimbo 15 victor 12. Their
father has abandoned them, since march 2000 no phone
calls, no visit, no birthday wishes. My children are
starting to act out in negative ways. Pray for their
father, that God will save him & set him free. Also
that God will change his heart & mind & that he will
be a father to his children. They are in so much pain,
I believe there is nothing to hard for God! As I type
this, tears roll down my eyes! If God requires
something from me, pray that His will be revealed. My
heart aches with pain, I will continue to have faith,
never giving up!

iii. in church for the first time -- mazhick
My friend went to church for the first time on Sunday
& heard the Gospel preached very clearly. He has many
burdens & worries which are crushing him & is very
confused about which way his life is going. Pray that
God will reveal Himself & save him from his lostness &
confusion. That he will meet Jesus & become a
Christian. Also that the Holy Spirit will work inside
his heart.

iv. marriage decision -- coleen
I have been seeing the same man for more than 10
years. He is a wonderful person. We almost married a
few years back, but at the last minute, after the hall
was booked, gown selected, I got cold feet & cancelled
the wedding. His patience has just about run out & I
have to make a decision. He is my best friend, tender,
loving, handsome. He has stood by me through some very
tough times. I cannot imagine life without him. I am
now in my early 30's & he in his early 40's & I have
always wanted children & marriage. Therefore, I do not
understand my fear. Pray that God will direct my path
& reveal the reasons for my fear. Pray that this fear
will be put in perspective. Pray that I will be filled
with Godly wisdom & clarity to see the right path to
take. That God will mold me into a Godly wife &
helpmate if this is his will, or if we are to part,
please may we do so without hurt to one another. I
don't want to hurt this man for anything in the world.

3. Number of prayer warriors: 490
We welcome backtohim, somerj, haiyun and
jimandgingerda into our prayer group.

Two have unsubscribed.

in Christ,
Wai Hun 
Sunday, October 15, 2000 12:20:38 AM   waihun
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