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One of the things I wanted to create on this site is an interactive adventure to studying the bible, entering insights, marking your favorite verses, contributing topical verses, and asking any questions on any of the verses. If you are a first time visitor, select Books on the top navigation link. You will see a list of books on the right pane now. If at any time, you want to come back to this page, just press ? on the navigation link on top.

Now, you have to remember this because this instruction page will disappear once you do the following (unless you press ? again to view this page):

Try it!
Select Genesis, followed by chapter 1. You will now see a list of verses on the left pane. Click on any of the verses and you will be able to enter insights on the right pane. Try it and you will know what I mean.

If you like this site, register as yourself and you can then try storing up your own favorite verses and contributing to topical verses or Q&A. You can also read the bible in one year or two years by trying out the Bible Planner (click on Plan on the top navigational bar).

Basically try things out. It's free and you can join the club.

Reading two bible versions side by side was also a fantastic idea. Now, thanks to Bible Gateway (which we are linking to read NIV and Amplified Versions of the Bible), you can now do the following:

  • read not just NIV or Amplified but select from more than 50 versions of the bible (including different languages) by selecting the version under PASSAGE RESULTS and selecting UPDATE.

      Try it!
      Select a Book and a Chapter (e.g. Genesis Chapter 1). Then select NIV or AMP on the navigational toolbar on the upper frame.

  • listen to audio versions of the bible by clicking on the audio icon .

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