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        Israel's next event
Of the 3 required annual feasts of the Israelites [Exodus 23:14] Pentecost is missing in [Ezekiel 45:21-25]. If this were a prophecy for the millennial time, then why was the Passover included?

The Passover was fulfilled by Jesus taking our place on the cross & bearing our sin. Pentecost is missing because it has already been fulfilled. But Pentecost wasnít fulfilled when this was written. Since Pentecost is missing, this appears to be a prophesy that occurs after Pentecost. But Passover was fulfilled before Pentecost.

If the Passover was fulfilled by you Jesus, why do we break bread & drink wine in remembrance of you? [Luke 22:19] Isnít that celebrating the Passover?

You, Jesus, will not eat bread or drink wine until you drink with us in the kingdom of God. [Luke 22:16]

That is what is not yet fulfilled. We are not in heaven yet eating & drinking with you. Therefore, breaking bread & drinking wine is done in remembrance of what youíve done, and also a picture of something unfinished that is yet to come. The Passover was celebrated to remember what God did when he spared the firstborn of the Israelites, when he purchased their redemption by the blood of the lamb. But it was also a prophesy to be fulfilled in Jesus; the perfect sacrificial lamb.

We break bread in remembrance of what youíve done in bringing us out of Egypt/sin, but also as a prophesy to be fulfilled when the church is raptured and we eat & drink with you in heaven at the marriage supper. [Revelation 19:7]

There no longer needs to be animal sacrifice, because that part of the picture was fulfilled. But there is a 3rd step. 1) Lamb is sacrificed to pay for sin. 2) Jesus is the perfect sacrifice. 3) the wedding supper. There are 3 steps to this picture.

So why does Ezekiel 45 include the Passover with the animal sacrifice, if that part of prophesy was fulfilled? Does Israel have a different prophesy/picture than the church?

I donít think itís during the millennial because the Jews living during the millennial are saved. [Revelation 20:4] Once they are saved by the blood of the lamb, they no longer need animal sacrifice.

Pentecost was a prophesy for the church, not for Israel. The Holy Spirit was given at Pentecost, so that prophesy is fulfilled.

Although Jesus fulfilled the Passover when he died on the cross for our sin, in Ezekielís prophesy, Israel hasnít yet accepted Jesus. They havenít believed that he is the Son of God & has already come. They are still waiting for his return.

Therefore, they will rebuild the temple & resume the Passover with the feast of unleavened bread & the feast of tabernacles. (Jesus housed in the body of a man fulfilled the feast of tabernacles). The missing feast in Ezekielís prophesy is Pentecost. Itís missing because it was a prophesy for the church/gentiles. The Jews celebrated this feast prior to Jesus birth, because the promise came to the gentiles through the Jews. We were grafted into the olive tree. [Romans 11:24]

The Passover & Feast of Tabernacles were fulfilled for the church, because the church believed.

These feasts will be resurrected & the temple rebuilt before the millennial.

The next event that Israel is watching for is the rebuilding of the temple & a return to celebrating the Passover & Feast of Tabernacles. That is the desire for all practicing Jews.

[Daniel 11:14] And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.

It appears many are trying to establish the vision to rebuild the temple in Jerusalen, in order to speed up biblical prophesy. All their attempts fail. When God is ready, God will guide the rebuilding of the temple

God will have the Jews rebuild their temple. They will celebrate the feasts in unbelief, until the day they cry out to God for salvation, through Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit, before the millennial time.

(I welcome scriptural comments, for or against my interpretation) 
Sunday, April 24, 2005 7:30:26 AM   behumble

changed on Sunday, April 24, 2005 10:35:13 AM

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