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        Friends and Drinking
Ok guys im a sophomore in high school and im on the varsity basketball team. Here recently we've had a major problem. A couple of girls on the team were turned into to Coach for drinking at school and on the way to games. It may not sound that big of a deal, but when it could get our team kicked out of the state playoffs, it becomes an extremely big deal. The 2 girls that were turned in both have senior boyfriends that arent exactly running with the "good" crowd. They drink and smoke and they've had the biggest influence on the 2 girls. Well when my coach talked to the 2 girls about it they ended up getting kicked off the team and suspended from school for 10days. Well now one of them is trying to drag 3 more girls into all, saying that they were drinking too. When actually they weren't, they were tricked into drinking it. The 2 girls told the other 3 that it was pop and gatorade so that they would drink it,but once they tasted it they realized what it was and threw it back at them. It has gotten real ugly, and the bad thing is, is that all the girls involved are all sophomores and all of them are my friends. Im not really involved in the whole thing but since all of them are my friends its hard to stay away from it all. Im a good christian and i think that drink'n is wrong and i honestly have no respect for people that do drink, but the more this goes on the more im finding out that all the girls involved have drank before on other occasions. So now i don't no what to think. All of them are my friends but all of them have drank and i don't believe in drinking. So im really having a hard time with all this and not knowing how to react around them anymore. I need some serious advice! What should i do??

In Christ,
Sunday, March 02, 2003 10:50:42 PM   frog
      re:Friends and Drinking   
Hi Frog, God says we are to love the sinner but hate the sin. Sometimes our christian influences are the best things we can offer to others. We live in a world full of sin and we can't escape that until God calls us home. Our job is to work with the sinners (as we are) and do our best with the help of God to turn their lives around. That is kind of what the Great Comission is that is talked about in the Bible. can't think of where it is right now but we are to reach out to the unsaved world and pray, pray, pray. Let God do the rest, and he just may use you to help him make those changes. Good Luck and God bless. Stay stronnng, it's worth it 
Thursday, March 06, 2003 6:20:02 PM groadsmom
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