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   General Questions:
        Does Prayer Work
Is it possible that someone can be prayed out of diseases that doctors say may not be cured or can only be cured with medicine? The Bible says if you believe (and maybe others) you can do anything, but a lot of people have no avail. Could someone pray for me, I might have STDs--my post is on the prayer board called "Is Life Over For Me." I need your help and prayer guys--please end these infections--I'm sorry and will never do anything sexual before marriage again. 
Tuesday, February 18, 2003 10:23:46 PM   guest
      re:Does Prayer Work   
We truely have to look to God for our answers, but remember this: Luke, the author of the book of luke in the new testament, was a Doctor. We need to come to God with all our requests but also we must use our God given Dr.s also.
Father, I thank you this day that you are always there for us for any reason, and that you are faithful to answer all our prayers. Lord, God, I lift up to you this child and ask that you would be with her in this time of trouble. I ask Father, that you would bring a supernatural healing to this young child that she may rejoice in your name and glorify your name to all who know her. Lord, your word says that by prayer and petition, make our requests known to God, and do not doubt, and our prayers will be answered. So Lord, I come to you in faith and the assurance that you will heal this one. Lord, I know that sometimes the healing comes to the heart before it comes to the body. Lord what ever is your will in the life of this dear one. Give her the strength and courage to get through the days to come, but mostly Lord, comfort her and ease her mind in Christ Jesus. Bring her, Father, to her knees before you daily and grant her the faith to know she will be truely heald. Father, I thank you and praise you Lord above all the earth, for you are holy and righteous, abounding in love. Thank you precious Lord. In the precious name of Jesus.......Amen 
Thursday, February 20, 2003 5:38:48 PM groadsmom
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