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   General Questions:
        generational curses
what are generational curses? and where is the scriptures in the bible about them 
Monday, February 17, 2003 10:09:40 PM   guest
      re:generational curses   
IN EXODUS 34 V7,tells how the Lord would curse or punish Israel,and the sins of the father would bring punishment on his children ect. Balance this with the fact God is Love and wants to bless,but sin has to be delt with.If the children of the sinful man led rightous lives
they would be acceptble and Gods justice would be sufficient for them.
Under the new covernent of Grace.This is not the case.The father sins ,the father will be punished only ,not his children (Romans2 7-9).Ofcourse there maybe consequences of that parents action spiritualy,mentaly and physcaly which may affect the children.
When a Person comes to Christ in true repentance and is washed in the blood of the Christ,they will be set free.
THERE IS NOTHING,ABSOLUTELY NOTHING MORE POWERFUL TO FREE MAN THAN CHRISTS BLOOD,it will set you free and then as you walk in the light and abide in Christ there will be nothing to seperate you from the Love of God.Infact the same power that raised Christ will dwell in you.God himself will personally abide within you.The power of any curse from the devil will be destroyed by the breath of God.And as you walk in obedience to God,He will Bless,and all curses that result from the law of moses will have no hold on you. There will be no condemnation if you walk according to spirit and not the flesh(romans 8v1 N.K.J OR KING JAMES) bringing His love to your spirit.From time to time receiveing disapline from Him,because He is your Father,but that too is for your good.Remember aswell this may or maynot include mass wealth or perfect fittness,but one thing His grace will be more than enough for your every physical,spiritual and mental need.If that person turns away from God in a deliberate act of will to continue in sin and dishonour the name of Christ,that person will be making themselves open to things once burid to come back,maybe even worse than before they were freed. Also God might give them over to their sinful desires and they will receive de-based minds and curses from God.That person has then refused the grace He once enjoyed and has opened himself up to Gods punishment.
He needs to really fast,repent turn back and seek God at that point.
The wages of sin is death(Gods curse for dis obedience) but the gift of God(grace through Christ) is eternal life.He who the Son sets free is Free indeed. 
Sunday, May 25, 2003 5:39:50 PM mickcoldii
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