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   General Questions:
        Relationships or Friendships
I want to know if it is wrong to date someone or have a friend that is on a different spiritual level than you. For example, I have a friend and they say they are saved. I minister to them and continually speak God's Word, but I feel that they are not on my level spiritually to get closer to them. I don't want to stop being their friend but then again I don't want them to hinder my blessings or God hearing my prayers. So if someone has some scripture references and words of encouragement I would really appreciate it. 
Monday, December 03, 2001 6:59:12 PM   christinnix
      re:Relationships or Friendships   
God doesn't say all your friends have to be on the same spiritual level as you. Look at Jesus, He socialized with sinners and tax collectors[Luke 5:29-32]! However, if you're planning on becoming really intimate with someone, the Bible DOES say not to be unequally yoked [2 Corinthians 6:14]. Being married (for example) to someone who doesn't share your desire for God and/or is not up to being a spiritual leader in your family will bring you much sorrow and discouragement over the years. They may eventually turn to God [1 Peter 3:1], but you can't count on that, and I think you'd be better off waiting for God to work in their life BEFORE you commit yourself to them. If you're considering dating or marrying this friend and you believe this is the person God has chosen for you, then you can trust God to bring it about His Way and in His time. I can tell you from experience that waiting on the Lord is the better way, and Jesus never fails in His love for us. Don't rush ahead of God. You can have a positive impact on your friend's life and God can use you to minister to him. Just be sure that's what God wants you to do, because your friend can also have an influence on you. Give it a lot of prayer, seek more godly counsel, and spend time in God's Word. Ask God to make His answer clear to you. Your friend is not going to hinder your blessings or God hearing your prayers, it's your own obedience or disobedience that affects your relationship with the Father...and even then, nothing can separate you from His love [Romans 8:38-39]. God Bless! 
Sunday, December 30, 2001 2:24:00 PM sswan
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