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   General Questions:
        Was jesus rich or poor?
please give biblical reference. 
Monday, November 19, 2001 11:02:26 AM   guest
      re:Was jesus rich or poor?   
I think that depends on your definition of rich and poor. Did he have material possesions-No. He spent his life ministering to others and my verse for that is-the New Testament!!!However I do feel that he was rich in His spiritual life he was God and would speak to God the Father and had a closer relationship with him than we can even imagine.I think anyone could read through and see he didn't live in a mansion he was a carpenter(laborer) but he had a greater understanding of God's plan for the world and how he would save us all from sin. So I think the answer to your question is both. 
Thursday, January 03, 2002 1:00:16 PM kiletile
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