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   General Questions:
        Types of Bibles
I am looking for a new Bible. Can someone tell me what the difference is between the NIV and the New American Standard? Also, is there a Bible that has a commentary included with it?

I think I'm interested in a study Bible, if anyone has comments on that as well.

Thanks for the help.

Mom <>< 
Sunday, October 07, 2001 5:11:35 AM   mom
      re:Types of Bibles   
*HI-Please read*
[Mark 13:31] tells how heaven and earth shall pass away, but His Word will remain forever. God knows his Word is protected and safe, it was with Him from the beginning of time [John 1:1] and it is powerful [Hebrews 4:12]. Isn't god powerful?

You should not worry about the different versions of the Bible. If you need the NIV or any other for the best understanding, go ahead. Read [Rev 4:11] ,it'll tell you why God allowed revisions (not changing of his Word, just helping).

I enjoy the New King James Version though. Just because your Bible isn't saying ye, take heed, and etc. enough, that doesn't mean its not holy enough. The King James version was created only in the 1600's, so why doesn't anyone feel the previous versions are even better?

I think regardless of what version is made, it should keep Jesus' quotes the same.
Read [1 Corinth 14:33] about how God is not the author of confusion.

Just do everything all to the glory of God. Christians filled with the holy Spirit should be able to discern good from evil.

Interpret the text/scripture to fulfill and please God. It is there for us to discern its meaning from a pure heart, seeking wisdom, a heart towards God. The various scriptures are correct, now read [Matt 24:4]. Man will decieve you from trusting these accurate scriptures.

If the Bible was altered, it obviously doesn't go against God's desires for us. I doesn't look like any alterers/revisionists changed it for the negative.
Trust that God has maintained the Scripture so we can PRAISE and serve Him right! 
Saturday, January 12, 2002 5:08:23 PM lessies

changed on Saturday, January 12, 2002 5:27:09 PM

      re:Types of Bibles   
If your looking for a Bible please consider the King James Bible. I've recently done a lot of study on the subject of all the different versions and I'm covinced that the KJV is the true Word of God.I'm sure you know that in the end the Anti-Christ will set up a one-world religion. He will step in as a leader and will have little if no problem setting up this religion. I believe he will have no trouble because he will continue to pervert the word of God until it is meaningless. That is what all these new versions are. Think about it and give this issue serious prayer. Why do all these other versions compare themselves to the KJV and not to each other. the KJV is the True Word of God. You should consider doing some study into the people who translated these new versions. One more thing, wouldn't God want His word to be accesible to everyone!!! Yes!!! The KJV is the only bible that doesn't have a copyright. That means that when you buy a KJV nobody gets any royalties(check the other versions there is somebody who wrote it and is making money off of it!)No one claims royalties on the KJV because the author is God and he cares nothing for our money. Please please please look into this before you make a decision. 
Thursday, January 03, 2002 1:16:20 PM kiletile
      re:Types of Bibles   
I like the International Inductive Study Bible too, but it does NOT have any commentary or notes included. I don't know if any Bibles actually have commentaries in them, but the Open Bible has EXCELLENT study notes. The Open Bible comes in the New American Standard version, but not NIV. Also, the Life Application Bible is VERY good. It helps you to apply the Bible to your daily life, and it comes in both New American Standard and NIV. These are both study Bibles and contain notes, concordances, dictionaries, special charts, maps, etc. Actually, there are a number of excellent Study Bibles out there. My advice would be to go to a Bible Book Store and look through the Bibles yourself, maybe ask a store clerk to help you. New American Standard is pretty easy to read and more "poetic" sounding than the NIV, but the NIV is a little easier to understand. They are both pretty reliable translations. The NIV is still considered a literal translation of the Bible. 
Wednesday, October 24, 2001 1:26:40 PM sswan
      re:Types of Bibles   
Hi mom, the NIV is a "dynamic equivalent" Bible which means the translators went from the original language to the best equivalent they could find but it is not necessarily the literal word-for-word translation. It uses some paraphrasing. The New American Standard is a literal translation as best as possible from Hebrew & Greek to English.
Many, many Bibles have commentaries included, from all kinds of different viewpoints. Some of the best are the NIV Study Bible, Ryrie Study Bible, Thompson Chain Reference Bible, Etc.

Personally, though, I like the New Inductive Study Bible, because it teaches you how to study & interpret the Bible for yourself. There is no commentary, just study guides & a section teaching you how to interpret the Bible for yourself. I HIGHLY recommend this Bible.

Good luck picking one out! 
Tuesday, October 23, 2001 1:41:29 PM guest
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