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        Need assurance...
Well, I was saved when I was young, like 5 years old. And well I was a good little boy anyway, so there wasnítí like a giant life change. What Iím wondering is, can I have doubts as a Christian that Iím going to heaven? Is that a way that Satan can tempt me? Iím a guy who needs proof, and I need that assurance of my salvation. How can I know for sure, without a shows of a doubt, that Iím going to be with God in heaven when I die. I mean I think Iíve seen God work in my life, others have said theyíve seen God work in my life, but Iím just not feeling like a Christian. Iím feeling scared of when I die not being able to go to heaven. How can I conquer that? I mean, I believe Iíve tasted God in worship, and well itís not possible for someone whoís not saved to come close to that, is it? Like someone whoís not saved couldnít feel that presence of God, or get to the point in worship where itís just so cool that you just start crying. Thatís happened once for me. I mean Iíve had more little God experiences I think, but nothing like that one big one. I long for other worship times like that. But please pray that Iíll know for sure and have an assurance for my salvation. Pray that I can get that joy and fire for God, to want to know and have more of God. Pray thatíll I wonít be ashamed and that Iíll be able to get to the point in my spiritual walk with Christ that if someone was to ask me to refuse Christ or die, that I would be able to die for Him. I don'tí think right now in my spiritual walk that I could do something like that. Please pray for me. Thank you 
Tuesday, September 11, 2001 9:20:03 AM   kevin
      re:Need assurance...   
of course you can have doubts. any mindful person would.
Satan always tempts everybody. christians and non christians alike.
but if you want assurance...
martyrdom is not proof of faith.
the best assurance you might have that i can think of right now is experience.
worship and emotion is one thing.
knowing for certain as much as you know any friend is something else.
pentecostals believe that the best assurance experience is the baptism of the holy spirit, when you receive the enabling power of God to go out and witness. I tend to agree with them.
Its a continual thing, and very tangible. It's not given to you during salvation itself, but upon request and God's willingness to use you. I won't even try to begin to guess His motives or what 'qualifications' he has (if any), but you can be sure that if you've been baptized in the holy spirit, and He comes upon you, and you dwell in Him and He in you, there is Never A Shadow Of A Doubt about it. You can pretend and there'd be doubts by the heap, but when it's real and you can't stop it, and you feel that fire inside that you just can't hold back, and you want to shout to the world that Jesus is Lord and He reigns and is coming... when you feel within you that deep quiet intimacy where He speaks with you and that longing for the world to turn to Him...

There can be no doubt. 
Thursday, January 24, 2002 7:09:38 PM gaidin
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