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   General Questions:
        Were the ages the same?
I don't understand how people lived up to 900 and ages above how we live up to today in the bible. Were they really that old or were the ages differnt? 
Saturday, August 25, 2001 6:52:30 PM   iceglaciers 2
      re:Were the ages the same?   
When God created the earth, water was placed above the sky as well as on the earth. This allowed temperatures on the earth to be quite mild. It protected the people from the sun. The human diet constisted mainly of plants that supplied all the essential nutrition we needed. On top of that, the mutations that began to develop in the human DNA had not yet had a significant effect on the lifespan of the human. The body therefore lasted much longer due to the combination of these things. The flood brought the protective layer of water from the sky to the earth. This allowed much more sunlight to reach the earth. The plants did not provide the essential nutrition anymore. Our genes therefore mutated at a much faster pace. If you look at the geneologies before and after the flood you will see that this is the marking factor of the decline in human longevity. a good resource for more info on Genesis is Hope that helps, God bless! 
Monday, August 27, 2001 1:29:49 PM mummau55
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