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   General Questions:
        Not saved, sick, asking why God why.
I have a Step Sister who sent the folowing;
Say I know you believe in prayer and so do I but my mom is pretty sick and she told me she is loosing faith she asked me how God could let this go on for so long... what do you say to someone that asks a question like that... I am so concerned about her and I keep reminding her that she has a granddaughter
whom she loves very much and of course me too... I am not sure what to do...
I do keep her in my prayers and need to know what I can say to her to restore her faith...If you have any Ideas that would be great... please keep her in your prayers also.. the more the better..I will check my e mails tomorrow before I leave... thanks for your help... Love ya all Lori 
Monday, August 20, 2001 2:31:19 PM   largecar

changed on Monday, August 20, 2001 2:32:39 PM

      re:Not saved, sick, asking why God why.   
First let me say my heart goes out in christian sympathy to you at this time of so great a trial that lies upon you daily and the great concern that you have for your Mother. Suffering is not to be thought as something that is foriegn to the christian but is essential to their growth in faith. The means that God in His wisdom is pleased to use must be learnt to be submitted to because before that lesson is learnt, and it takes us all our lives and is rarely ever fully reached though we ought to stretch out for it. The Lord Jesus Christ who was ever in perfect submission to His Father and never more so, if we might speak in degrees, than when He humbled Himself to death at the cross,a dreadful death and in His case barely comprehensible to us as it was not only a physical agony but far worse and quite beyond our capacity to understand,a spiritual agony of One who was without sin and yet was made sin and met the full wrath of God for it. Dear fellow believer, for such I trust you are and as such you have but one example and none other by which by the grace of God you may find for yourself the strength to go through and continue. I could give many verses of scripture touching on this subject but I would rather that such were suggested to your own spirit. These things I know are very hard and in the friality of our flesh and weakness of our minds they bare down heavy upon us but the very reason for this is that indeed we might be brought low because then and only then do we cry out to God for His help. It takes a lot for us to truly do this. We can be very superphicial(excuse spelling) When the Lord Jesus spoke those wonderful words in [Matthew 12:28-30] He speaks of His meekness and lowliness of heart. Now in all that befell the life of our blessed Saviour this was always His spirit, meekness and lowliness (How unlike us for the most part) It was a meekness and lowliness under constant and increasing hostility, as a lamb led to the slawghter he opened not his mouth, as a sheep before its sharers is silent ((think of that)and afflicted [Isaiah 53:6] and again in verse 4 He hath born our griefs or sicknesses and carried our sorrows,yet we esteemed Him stricken,smitten or struck by God(think of that)and afflicted) I think it is only as we meditate on these events that happened to the Lord Jesus and that for us that we are enabled to persevere in the faith. It is a looking away to Christ,so difficult, I know, when sorrows seem to build a wall around you out of which there is no way out. But this is the lie of the god of this world, even Satan, a way has been made and that is Christ. He could say, Be of GOOD courage, I have overcome the world. Nothing you nor I nor any of the people of God pass through on their way Home He Himself has also passed through for us and promises to be with us to the journey's end. May these few remarks be used to be of some comfort and encouragement to you. I speak not from an ivory palace but also know something of the pain of another who has ben sick for many years, even my wife who I love dearly and has been a sore trial to my faith but as Peter said to thwe Lord, To whome shall we go ,ye have the words of eternal life. This life is passing and all its sorrows but all leading to eternal life where all these things will have been for ever passed away. May God draw near and bless you. A poor sinner to another in the Saviours blessed name 
Sunday, September 29, 2002 1:35:13 PM bramley

changed on Sunday, September 29, 2002 8:20:36 PM

      re:Not saved, sick, asking why God why.   
Hi Butch,

If the mom is not saved, then someone needs to bring the salvation message to the mom. Jesus died on the Cross for our sins and at this time of need, pray for her salvation and be bold to bring the salvation message. Jesus also died on the Cross for our disease but to have enduring health, we need to receive Him.

As to why God allow this disease to go on for so long, I don't know what the answer is. But maybe if you can get your step sister to read the following prayer notes and to encourage her mom, God may minister to them through the Word.

I have now created a topical prayer note forum. You can read the following by clicking below:
1. Receiving healing from God:
2. faith for the breakthrough: 
Wednesday, August 22, 2001 11:00:24 AM waihun
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