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        (REPUTATION) How important is a christian's reputation?
i USED TO BE A GOOD STUDENT, PLAYED THREE HIGHSCHOOL SPORTS & MY ENTIRE FAMILY ADORED ME, AND ALWAYS TALKED HIGHLY OF ME. Iv,e been struggling since. Since my 2000 graduation, Iv,e gained 35 lbs, stopped going to church, have no friends, and have turned away from the people who are tried to help me. Guess I have bigger problems than reputation efter all. SO DOES WHAT PEOPLE SAY AND THINK ABOUT YOU REALLY MATTER, LIKE STIGMA, OR IS THIS SELF CONCIOUSNESS? 
Tuesday, June 26, 2001 10:18:12 PM   guest
      re:(REPUTATION) How important is a christian's reputation?   
What people say about you does not ultimately matter. What matters is what God will say about you.

Many people hated Jesus, and they sure let Him know it! If He thought taht His reputation among them was important, He would have never died for us, and would have become the Messiah that the Jews were hoping for, one who would conquer and destroy Rome and then rule the earth with an iron fist. It says in [Philippians 2:7] that Jesus made Himself "of no reputation", the lowest class of society. He was poor, homeless, "uneducated", as in never having attended formal education, worked the lower class job of carpentry, and was raised in one of the cities most notoriously known for its evil and wickedness, Nazareth.

Having these qualifications, not many people spoke highly of Him, until they finally got to know Him for who He truly was.

So don't fully trust man's opinion of you. Trust God's opinion of you, because man does not have a heaven or hell to send you to, only God does. 
Thursday, June 28, 2001 4:15:41 AM kim varner
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