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   General Questions:
        aliens and evolution
i get asked by alot of non-christians about the bible but I get stummped and tell them i'll get back to them so i hunt for things like dinosaurs for instance. They ask where do aliens fit in and about evolution. I have a hard time finding scriptures to help them understand. I tell them im human and i don't know everything but that i'll try and find answers for them. Everyone watches me to see if I slipp up or that im for real and if i really know the bible. Please help bring some answers thanks. 
Thursday, June 07, 2001 11:34:13 AM   liquidsquid
      re:aliens and evolution   
Hello Jesse,

A lot of people are interested about how the bible contradicts these theories which we are taught in school. If we use our mind to reason concepts such as the Big Bang theory of creation and Darwin's theory of evolution, we will find that the theories are quite absurd. Probably, we just accept what we are taught in school.

I remember reading an article and passing this to one of my unbeliever friends. Imagine if we were to go to a harbour and we see a magnificent ship just by the harbour. I tell you that this ship was not created by man. There were some elements in a cave and then there was an explosion. All the elements came together to form nuts and bolts and metals that made up this ship. This is how this ship came from.

Ask any mathematician, or any rocket scientist for that matter, how probable that would be? People would say that I am absurd to suggest that. And yet, how many human beings that you know believe in that.

Evolution is another theory. Darwin noticed that there was variability in some species and theorized then (or probably you can call it philosophize) that the process of natural selection created better species who would survive.

"Darwin's premise is flawed because small evolutionary changes are not cumulative. That is numerous small changes cannot explain the large changes necessary for new and more complex animals and plants." Stu Pullen

There's also a good on-line book review of Walt Brown's book "In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood
" ( by John F. McCarthy on this. I'd like to bring up an excerpt from this article.

For instance, Brown points out (reason 6) that "rarely, if ever, is a mutation beneficial to an organism in its natural environment." He is talking about the kind of changes that would lead significantly toward a different species of individuals, granted that microevolution, involving only minor chemical alterations or changes in size, shape, or color within a kind of living things (such as the dog, the cat, the horse) is a commonly observed phenomenon (p. 5). The empirical evidence shows that "no known mutation has ever produced a form of life having greater complexity and viability than its ancestors" (p. 6). A good example of this is experimentation with fruit flies. In my college textbook of fifty years ago, the fruit fly was presented, after forty years of experimentation, as a prime exhibit for the occurrence of mutations. In fact, by breeding fruit flies under X-rays over many generations, researchers had been able produce a variety of mutations, such as flies with additional eyes, additional wings, etc. But what the textbook did not point out was that the mutated eyes could not see, the mutated wings could not fly, the mutated limbs could not function. By bombarding the genes of these flies with X-rays, the researchers had simply produced monsters. Now, after an honest evaluation of all of the evidence, Walt Brown can report: "More than ninety years of fruit fly experiments, involving 3,000 consecutive generations, give absolutely no basis for believing that any natural or artificial process can cause an increase in complexity and viability." (

Do some research yourself as there is so much information online if you want to arm yourself with more facts. But in the end, Kim Varner is right to say that sometimes people just want to argue because they don't want to embrace God. I find that I don't normally succeed in arguing someone to Christ. I often find myself praying for these people and preaching Christ (rather than focussing on their arguments). That normally works better in terms of winning them to Christ. Ask God for wisdom for each individual and for words to speak. But I also find it good to arm yourself with knowledge.

As for dinosaurs, I've answered a post on that before. I'll repost some of the material here:

[Job 40:15-21] describes a creature called as the behemoth which some bible commentaries called the hippopotamus. However, the description provided by Job for this creature does not fit that of a hippopotamus whose tail is not like a cedar, etc.

I found a good article on this:

All the best Jesse in your endeavour to bring people to Christ. Pray for wisdom.

God bless ...
Wai Hun 
Thursday, June 28, 2001 8:30:19 AM waihun

changed on Thursday, June 28, 2001 8:35:13 AM

      re:aliens and evolution   
Well, first of all, if you;re talking about evolution as is understood by most "lay people", that the universe started by a big bang, that the earth was a cesspool of primordial slime, and through billions of years, evolved into what it is now, then the answer is that such fables do not fit in anywhere with the Bible.

As for dinosaurs, it's obvious, they existed, and were extinct. So were other animals later, like the mammoth, the dodo bird, the passenger pigeon, and many other animals that we know now are on the verge of being extinct. How dinosaurs became extinct, the Bible simply does not say.

Why doesn't the Bible mention dinosaurs? Let me answer with this question: Why doesn't it mention cats, flamingoes, parrots, alligators, turkeys, chickens, etc.?? Does this mean that it denies the existence of these animals? Of course not! The Bible is a book about salvation, not science!! People who ask such questions are not honestly desiring to be saved, They want to disprove the validity of the Bible so that they can continue in their sin. they want to get off on tangents because they do not want to face the heart of the matter, that the Bible is about man, not animals. It's about man's lost, hopeless condition, in danger of eternal death unless someone saves him. Very few people are wanting to humble their hearts and adnit such a truth. So evolution cures their fears, puffs them up, and encourages them to continue sinning, because with evolution, there is no God, therefore, there is no law, no judgment, no right or wrong. Therefore, they can do all their heart desires, andwe know that the Bible says that the heart of man is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked.

Don't let these people's stubborn, wicked hearts scare you. This is an opportunity to strengthen your faith in the true Word of God, and to establish the strong foundation that will hold you through storms such as these.

Keep the faith, and don't give up!

God bless,

Kim Varner 
Thursday, June 28, 2001 3:54:52 AM kim varner
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