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        Major Question
I was just wondering soemthing.....Is it possible for a non-believer to go through an awesome time of worship and taste God through that? I know of people who have gone through having an overwhelming awesome time in worship, but then go living like they were unblelievers. So is it really possible for a nonbeliever to experience awesome worship?? PLease give me what you think about this...Thanks...God Bless! <>< [Matthew 5:14-16
Tuesday, December 19, 2000 7:22:43 PM   kevin
      re:Major Question (thanks)   
Naaman, Thanks for the insight...I guess I really should've noticed how that was true, but everything was goign crazy at that time and now I see the truth and I can use this and the verses you put on the sight to help me witness to this friend. THank you a ton!! God bless
Kevin <>< [Matthew 5:14-16
Tuesday, January 02, 2001 10:58:49 AM kevin
      re:Major Question   
Dear Kevin,
ever heard of the comments that christians wear their best and behave their best on Sundays and turned into other forms on other days. It is true that some of us still go on after the lusts of the flesh. And the great thing is that God still loves us and are ever willing to help us change for our sakes. That is to me the best thing about being in Christ, that God still loves us and will never leave nor forsake us. We can see it through so many of the examples of the Israelites especially in the book of Judges. We as children of God have the previlage of worshipping God and entering into His presence whenever we want to.
Now, if an unbeliever is to worship God, how do you think they are to do it? If there is really a spiritual experience with the Lord, the love of Christ will be made known to them and their spiritual eyes will be opened and if they make the choice, they shall surely become saved. God's grace and mercy abounds everywhere and everytime, so I believe if an unbeliever seeks after God with the purity of heart, the light of the gospel shall shine into his/her life. By divine appointments or encounters, they shall have the gospel being shared with them. Then, they will have the true experience of worshipping God.
Now, how about the unsaved who insists they can seek God or worship God without accepting the greatest sacrifice that God has done for the redemption of mankind?
I've met with several people who always mantain that they believe in God but not in the form of a particular religion or Jesus Christ. They told me that they pray and seek God (all and/or every kinds of God for they believe Someone is out there but not the verse in [John 14:6])and they are praying to God in a regular basis. And to this day I still see them still in a dark about the character of God and the meaning and purpose of God in their lives. the fruit of their lives are not something to be proud of too. Yes, some of them have material success and even have a good heart but they are still in the flesh and sometimes they fail when it matters most (I'm not claiming that Christians always succeed but Christians do have the advantage of callling upon the Lord to give us unsurpassed wisdom and and encompassing peace and joy). The unbelievers are still (in my opinion) cannot have a worshipping experience with God but they can tap into the two elements of our existance; soul and body. But their spirits are still not revived and the the things of the spirit cannot be found on them. God is spirit and in order to worship Him, we must worship God in spirit and in truth [John 4:24]. So, my brother, how can someone who is dead in the spirit of God and not in the truth of Christ [John 14:6] can ever have the experience of worshipping God? I hope I answer your question, Kevin
In Christ,
Monday, January 01, 2001 8:23:09 PM ephlee

changed on Monday, January 01, 2001 9:44:49 PM

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