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   General Questions:
        Worship as Warfare?
I need some clarity as to how we can use the act of Worship as Warfare against Satan. 
Sunday, December 10, 2000 2:12:23 PM   guest
      re:Worship as Warfare?   
I'm not too sure about worship as warfare but I can give you some of my personal insights.

[Psalm 22:3]
But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.

I really believe that when we worship God, God inhabits our praises. How can the enemy stand about us when God inhabits our praises?

I've also heard an interesting message recently, that the fallen angels also had a taste of worshipping God and that includes Lucifer who was the archangel in charge of worship. This is something that they cannot do now. Everytime we worship, it reminds them of their fallen state and of what they have lost. That is why demons flee when we worship ... This, I find, is an interesting perspective. 
Monday, January 08, 2001 11:51:20 PM waihun
      re:Worship as Warfare?   
How do you fight darkness, guest? By trying to push it back? That's not going to work very well; you'd tire yourself out and then you get burnt out syndrome.
No, to get rid of darkness, the best way is to open yourself to Light. To fight in spiritual warfare, the most important asset you'd ever have is your relationship with God. You want the devil out of your life completely? Have God in your life completely. To that extent, worship, which is adoration of God, is one of the most well known for building that relationship with God. Prayer, Bible reading and devotions are other major keys in that relationship.
Let's face it; unless we have God, there's really nothing significant we can do in the area of spiritual warfare, if there is anything we can do in anything spiritual at all.
However, if you're asking about warfare worship, then you're talking about prophetic acts (actions), declarations of authority, outright rebuke and binding on earth, and in that sense, worship could be very, very vigorous indeed.
You know, of course, that there are many facets of worship. In Warfare worship, standing still isn't going to be enough. If you want to try it, I recommend you use casing to protect your lights, removal of all fragile, delicate and/or expensive furnitures in the vicinity, soundproof your walls if you can, or get an air-cond and seal the windows if you can't. Then, just ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in Warfare Worship. Be prepared to be utterly exhausted, and save at least an hour or two for the warfare worship alone... that's not counting the time you'd need to rest afterward.
Because in Warfare Worship, you're dealing with spiritual battles, and you're going to face violent and intense battling. Sometimes you might do the prophetic act and what happens in the physical mirrors what happens in the spiritual. Sometimes, you might take the place of 'artillery' sort of, and I recommend you have plenty of drinking water before you lose your voice. Please soundproof the room if there are neighbors nearby who might complain. Yes, I'm talking about prayer, intercession and travailing and rebuking and binding, and this is most likely going to lead or is continued from warfare worship. Please feel free to fall back on adoration worship to refresh yourself whenever it is necessary, or even if you just want to.
In all of this, it is extremely important to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I've known plenty of people who went into warfare and ended up burnt even though they really gave it their all, but the thing is, they didn't follow that prompting to do this or that because of various reasons like 'it seemed silly' or 'i was shy'. If you're going to have that warfare, alone, in small groups or in large ones, please just forget about yourself and how you look and what people think. If you're concerned about those things, do yourself a favor and don't even think about it. Before you try doing it alone, you need real experience and for that you need veterans to guide you through the first few times. And for each of those first few times, it would be vital that you let go of yourself and just flow with the Holy Spirit.
Oh, and be prepared to do lots of things you've never tried, never dared to try, or even heard of before. Quite a lot of them would seem embarassing in the natural realm.
And please choose your fellow warriors carefully. Make sure they're serious and make sure they understand that once they start, they're going into actual warfare and there are many spiritual and even physical dangers involved... from this point forward. Yes, it's a lifelong thing. Either be serious, or forget about it. If they're not willing to make that sacrifice, or to take that risk in their lives, don't include them.
This isn't a game, guest. This is real. 
Monday, January 08, 2001 5:34:05 PM gaidin
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