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   Book Review:
        Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting
by Derek Prince  
"The 1st duty of Christians meeting in fellowship is prayer" - pg 46

Prayers are important. Fasting is equally so. How important are they? Is it necessary to fast? Does fasting intensify prayer? Read the book.

Most of us know that prayer and fasting invoke the overruling power of God in our personal lives. What about the affairs of nations? Does God know anything about politics and our government? Does He care? What does the Bible say about this? [1 Tim 2:1,2]

These are some of the questions the writer tries to answer and I'll agree with him on page 49:
"Thus the first specific topic of prayer ordained by God for His people meeting in fellowship is the government. Extensive experience has convinced me that the vast majority of professing Christians never give any serious considerations to this topic in prayer. Not merely do they not pray for the government "first", they scarcely pray for it at all!".

"Why do I bother to pray for the government? Can't I just say my standard prayer: "God bless me, my wife, my son John and his wife. Us four. No more. Amen!". After all, my country has full freedom of worship unlike certain parts in East Timor or Kosovo, etc.!

If you have this attitude and are content and satisfied about it, we suggest you stay off this book. But if the Holy Spirit impress upon you to know more about praying and fasting, especially praying for the government of nations, do not wait until it is polling day. Might be a little too late by then and the results will be catastrophic.

A good book with an appropriate tile. Now the secret of succes of former U.S. presidents like George Washington, John Adams, James Madison and Abraham LIncoln is revealed. Even until now the land of the brave and free still flourishes and continues to enjoy God's blessings and outpouring. I would highly recommend this book for those who are concerned about their rulers and governments. For those who feels that the outcome of who is the ruling party and the Christian walk doesn't mix, it is even more imperative that they get this book. May God bless this review. 
Tuesday, January 11, 2000 10:34:39 PM   solomon

changed on Sunday, January 16, 2000 4:15:03 AM

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