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        need prayer for renewed faith, teenager daughter, healing and financial wisdom
I am a believer but drifted away slowly. I pray for forgiveness for pulling away from God & strength and dedication in renewing my relationship and faithfulness to God's will. I also lift my daughter, Jennifer, up for healing a back injury and the trials she is experiencing in beginning high school. Additionally, I have been ill for a year and a half with a slew of doctors totally baffled and uncertain as to what's causing all the symptoms...extreme fatigue, stiffness, achiness, constant nausea, migraines, tmj (jaw), back/neck stiffness and pain, low grade fever, rashes, memory loss and confusion, dizziness, etc.. the list doesn't end soon. I pray for healing. I pray for the energy to be able to work fulltime and maintain the kids and household responsibilities. I pray for a healing of our finances that have been ravaged by all the medical bills and for wisdom to handle finances better going forward. I pray for clarity in my life and the ability to better serve the Lord by helping others in need. Thank you Lord for your unwavering grace and love, Juli 
Wednesday, September 13, 2000 3:17:18 PM   julianne
      re:need prayer for renewed faith, teenager daughter, healing and   
Julianne -- praise God that it is He who has the power, strength and will to keep the relationship with His children going -- if not we'd be sunk! I just wanted to say that your symptoms listed all fall under the umbrella of fibromyalgia syndrome -- have you been tested for this? If not, you need to find a doctor who is skilled in diagnosing FMS (not all doctors are trained in this relatively recent procedure). There are lists posted online -- just do a search. May the Great Physician heal you! 
Saturday, September 16, 2000 12:24:51 AM crjstl
      re:need prayer for renewed faith, teenager daughter, healing and   
thank you for your prayers...ironically, the evening I posted the first message, tragedy hit and I believe it was Satan's way of creating doubt...fortunately, it is working in the opposite..sometimes things get worse before they get better. So I need prayers to continue on this path, get through the new difficulties that have arisen and stay focused on the Lord. On a positive note, Jen's spirit seems to be uplifted and while her back still hurts, she has been more mobile and complaining less...very encouraging after months of pain, frustration and discouragement. Thank you for your prayers! God Bless You! 
Friday, September 15, 2000 12:57:17 AM julianne
      re:need prayer for renewed faith, teenager daughter, healing and   
God, please meet every need in these difficult times. Heal Jennifers back and strengthen, bless and provide for her mother. Give her a renewed love for you and for your word.

Thursday, September 14, 2000 8:46:43 PM eagleent
      re:need prayer for renewed faith, teenager daughter, healing and   
I am so happy for your renewed faith, julianne. It is so good to be back. Remember the prodigal son, and how the Father welcomed him back, well that's just the way it was when you came back.

Father, I pray now for julianne, I pray that you would continue the work that you have begun in her life. I pray Lord for total healing, body soul and spirit for this child of yours. Your Word says that "by Your Stripes she is healed" so Father we claim your healing now for both julianne and jennifer. The doctors may be baffled, but Lord, you are not, so Father I commit them to you and pray for a miracle.
I pray too for their finances. Medical bills are costly, but Lord, you are rich and Father I pray that you would provide for this family sovereignly and that they would praise you for your provision. I bless you Lord and thank you in your precious Name.

Thank you also for your posts for Kathie and Paige Julianne they are much appreciated.
God bless,
Wednesday, September 13, 2000 7:25:05 PM christiandeb
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