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        God's will in a relationship and for a friend
i have been dating a guy for almost 3 years now and in the beginning things were great. we had a wonderful relationship. we both had awesome relationships with God. Lately he has been acting differently. As soon as i noticed that he was falling away from God, i began praying. i asked God to break him so he would realize that he needed God. And God began to challenge him. But instead of looking to God, he turned to himself. We had a long discussion last night and he told me that he is not happy with himself anymore. He doesn't know who he is. I have a feeling that God wants us to be together, yet i wonder, because my boyfriend is now telling me that he doesn't think we should be together anymore. i am concerned about our relationship (of course), yet i am also concerned about my boyfriend finding God again. I don't know what i should be doing. at the moment, he is trying to figure out what to do and whether we should be together. in the mean time, i am worrying about everything. i don't know if i should give him time to figure out things by himself or if i should be helping him. i just don't know. i feel like i am making things worse by trying to be there for him. yet at the same time i want him to know that God is trying to find His way back into his life. im afraid he will ignore God if im not showing him how God is working in his life. We both need God's direction and guidance. Thank you for your prayers! 
Monday, March 08, 2004 7:39:00 PM   blondie8912
      re:God's will in a relationship and for a friend   
I understand completely what you are going through. Am there in a different sort of way. My boyfriend of two years, is still undecided if we are meant to be. I am his first real girlfriend and to top it off, am a single mom of two little boys. His family sees me as a threat due to the fact that I am divorced. Yet, if I stayed in the marriage, then more than likely I would not be here to tell the tale, and he would still be unfaithful. I am unsure if his parents know this or not. But it still has put a hamper on his search for his soul mate. I know that he has a strong relationship with God, but when it comes to things like love, he is waiting to be given the same definitive sign that his parents were given. What to do? 
Sunday, August 21, 2005 8:27:23 PM lovebug33511
      re:God's will in a relationship and for a friend   
Please pray for G and C as they go to divorce court early next week. They have a four year old who has been caught between this mess. Pls pray that God will somehow work a miracle and there wouldn't be so much anger and frustration.

Also prayers for N and N to finally get married
and move on with their lives. The devil has tormented them enough.It has been over five yrs of ups and downs. Pls really pray.

Friday, August 19, 2005 7:56:18 AM jeri154
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