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I pray that I will fear not for thou shall not be ashamed because of what has happened Neither be thou confounded for thou shalt not be put to shame. I pray that I will forget the shame (my boyfriend is practicing homosexuality) And pursue your high calling I pray that you will bless me for my obedience to you and restore my joy and remove all fear. For the mountains shall depart from me and the hills be removed but lord your kindness shall not depart from me. Neither shall thy covenant of my peace be removed. I pray that you will redeem my life from destruction. Rescue me and the weir children from the pain and suffering and expose and reprove the enemy. Vengeance is yours and I pray god of heaven and earth that you will have your way for you are a righteous god. I pray that you will supply my every need according to your riches in glory. A job, Steve (soul mate), and peace that passes all understanding. I will not fear for you are with me I will not be dismayed for you are my god and you will give your angels charge over me. Redeem me father from the curse that is upon me and take me into my promise land. I thank you for all that I have gone through for it has taken me closer to you! You are mighty to deliver me! In your precious name. 
Monday, September 22, 2003 8:17:49 PM   mferguson
god our father who is in heaven please i pray that your mercy and grace be with this person god i pray that your will be done in this womans life give her understanding and godly wisdom
god please you know the needs of this woman please protect her and bless her in jesus name i pray amen 
Wednesday, September 24, 2003 9:31:48 AM lee
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