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   Prayer Requests:
        Safety and Protection in a bad neighborhood
Please pray that God will protect myself and my roommate in the neighborhood that we live in. The neighborhood is filled with drug dealers and gang members and sometimes we have to come home after dark due to working hours. Please pray that God will protect the house we live in and get us home safely everyday and protect us as we come and go back and forth. 
Tuesday, July 29, 2003 7:51:14 PM   maylee
      re:Safety and Protection in a bad neighborhood   
Loving Father,

Cradle Your children in the everlasting arms. Carry them home. Send your angels to surround them. Help them to pray constantly when in danger. And Lord, give the rest of us the courage to stand up to those who would hurt innocent people. Help us make of our culture a safe place and a good place for the innocent. Crush the evil in this place and give heart and courage to those who must live here. Bless the faith of this, your child, and grant them peace.

In Christ's name,

Wednesday, September 03, 2003 10:59:26 AM twofoldblessing
      re:Safety and Protection in a bad neighborhood   
Thank you for praying for others in your time of need; I see this as a sign of maturity... 
Tuesday, September 02, 2003 1:35:27 PM methomas
      re:Safety and Protection in a bad neighborhood   
Dear God Almighty, the protector of your flock...

maylee is in a pickel... she and her roommate seem to have to live in undesireable conditions due to (??) not enough money (??) and I pray that your bannor be placed upon her and her roommates residence to protect and to preserver her,,, so to say, watch her back...

Also, may they be a light in a deeply dark neighborhood
AMEN May God keep you and bless you 
Tuesday, September 02, 2003 1:23:41 PM methomas
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