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   Prayer Requests:
I know you do not know me but I didnt know where else to turn to. Please read and Please Pray for me and my family I have been sick for months with Plurisey, Mono and severe migraines and now I was in a bad car wreck a a few weeks ago and my luck keeps getting worse. I am in a very tough situation. I am not able to work still and with three kids I do not know what to do. I am in need of groceries very bad. Sorry to dump this on you guys but I am very depressed, sick, sore and very worried about the kids I have my electric and water due next week also.. I have a kroger and walmart food store here if anyone could help me I am in dire need. Things here are so bad. The kids not only need food but clothing if anyone has any girls summer clothes size 7 or 8 or boys size 15 or 16 please let me know. I feel bad even asking but I am in need of help and do not know where to turn... I am humbly asking for someone out there that could help me with food and clothing for the kids please email me off group. I am too sick to read all the posts in the groups right now. I cannot get food stamps ... the story is way too confusing to explain .. so that is not an option for me. . . I am a mother of 3 kids who is in a bad situation at the moment and pretty embarrassed about the post but I am desperate. I feel like my world is crashing not only am I sick ,but my insurance cancelled me and DMV found out so now I do not even have a drivers license and between the accident I was in and DMV now it will cost about 800 to get my license back. I was suspended and didnt know it so I got a ticket for that plus driving without insurance.... luckily I guess I was the only one hurt in the wreck. I hydroplaned off of I-81 and crashed but didnt involve any other cars. So I am not only sick and not at all feeling well , needing groceries so awful bad but now I cannot even drive or go back to work when I do feel better because I cannot drive and I live far off from any kind of bus.. Ok deep breaths ---- I dont know if you can help me ... but at least I got all this off my chest to someone. So if you cant help me at least please pray with me that my prayers can and will be answered. I have faith in the Lord that somehow I will get through this. I have lost my faith in people I do not know where to turn for help so I am trying here I have been out of work due to being sick I went to several other groups seeing if anyone could help me and noone has just were hateful to me. I have kids and am in need of help with groceries and clothing for i have lost my faith in people and now i do not know what to do. Someone asked me for my address and offered to help. I gave them my address and a police officer came to my house saying she reported me for asking for help. He said I wasnt in trouble .. but now I am embarrassed and worried . I had a problem with social services about 6 years ago which is why I will not trun to them for help ( I had assistance and I broke down out of state with the kids. A friend sent me the money to fix my car to get home via western union . Social Services found out and took away a chunk of my help plus now I owe them tons all because of someone who I thought was a friend sending me money( only a few hundred dollars by the way) to fix the car and get home. So I cannot and will not go there. Social Services does not care .. they wouldnt even listen to me just threatened me and treated me like total garbage. Not to mention also that also my son a few years ago broke his arm at the babysitters and I had CPS monitor me for months because of that. I was at work not even there. him and another boy were playing on a wagon and he fell off ....... and because of that I had these complete strangers questioning my kids at school and showing up at my house. The system does not work ... it really doesnt. Sorry to gripe but I thought I needed to clarify the situation.) I know alot of people try to scam ect on the web so now I am afraid to even ask for help .... I do not know what to do I am a christian and I am praying that somehow god will get me through this I have recieved so many hateful comments and emails please spare me . I do not pay for my internet by the way it came with the place I rent and the computer I have is old . I just wanted to add that due to the hateful remarks I have gotton . If you cannot or do not want to help me all I ask is you pray for my situation and me and the kids.I have recently left my physically and emotionally abusive husband. He threw out all of my clothes and belongings in a drunkin state. I tried to stay with him because I took my marriage vows seriously but I could not stay any longer. Being beaten and abused was not only bad for me but bad for the children to be around it. If anyone has any towels sheets pots pans dishes anything . Due to all my problems and being sick I really am in a very bad situation. I am trying to just make it through until I am able to get my license back and get well enough to be able to go back to working again. Please keep me in your prayers. I am a christian and I believe that God will provide somehow for me. 
Wednesday, July 16, 2003 3:43:28 AM   mommyof3
I do seriously hope that your situation gets better. Just trust in the Lord and always remember that he will never you in a situation that you cannot handle. I know it may seem as if we can't, but God will make a way. I will be praying for you and your children, and talk to my pastor to put you on the prayer list. I wish there was another way I could help. If at all possible, email me at and I will then explain my reasonings. I will keep you in my prayers. And always remember that the Lord will see you through this.

Sunday, December 26, 2004 11:31:41 PM saxaphonegeek95
I'm deeply sorry for your situation. I could only imagine how difficult it is for you and your children. If you want to list your address I could try and send you a few things. I'll pray for you to overcome this difficult time. Keep praying the Lord will answer. 
Wednesday, December 01, 2004 1:09:36 AM guest
god please have mercy on this person and her children god please i beg you to help them god we all need you so much we cant live and be happy unless its by you god give this family what they need god please they need your help god we all do please lord they need your love uderstanding and mercy god please give it to them your will be done not ours in jesus name i pray amen

remember god longs to help us we only have to let him god bless you your freind in christ 
Monday, September 15, 2003 9:09:31 PM lee
I have been praying for you and please dont think after reading my last post that I was questioning anyones salvation. I only meant that if anyone gives there life to Jesus that he will help that person with his needs and when I said to go to church it was to get help with food and money not meaning you dont worship the Lord. Well with that said....

I have been having you on my mind and I told some friends about this site so they may read your post and also pray for you. I hope everything works out well for you and may God bless you and your children and also your husband because we do need to pray for him that he may find it in his heart that it is wrong to be abusing you like you have noted in your post.

Dear Lord, I pray that this mom will get the special blessings she needs at this time in her life. I pray that you touch her husband Dear Lord that he may be kinder to his wife and Lord please watch over these children as they are in need of you at this time Lord Jesus. Please send someone to this mother to help her Dear Lord, I pray that someone near her will step in and give her help in what she needs Lord and I know that you will provide her with her needs, thank you Jesus in your loving name. Amen. 
Wednesday, August 20, 2003 4:15:08 AM kjnfemale
sorry I haven't been online. I am having so many problems. My husband who I recently left for abuse came here sat night and hit me and threw me outside and threw alot of my things outside the house. 2 of my kids were at my mothers visiting for a few days 3 hours away because I have been very sick this week and needed help. I was able to grab Kiki my 6 yr old and get away. I went to the police and filed charges and he was arrested and they gave me a proctection order. I went to hospital with a head contusion and sprained hand. had a friend drive me to my moms so I could leave kiki there with the other kids for a few days to keep them out of it. Upon returning home sunday I was scared he came back so I got a police escort home and had him go in a check out the house for me. I am so glad I did because he was in the house which was in direct violation of the protective order so he was re arrested. Then 2 hours after being arrested he tried calling my cell phone from the jail .. I didnt hear the phone and didnt answer and no message was left but I called the number back and it was the jail and they said no one called me from there and he had used the phone and it was him who called ... but because we didnt speak and no message was left it was only an attempt so he wasnt charged for that but it was put in his file. He was held without bond sunday night and today went to court and was appointed a lawyer but was held with bond today also until his lawyer can set up a bond/bail hearing ???? Not sure how that all goes this is new to me. They gave me a 4 day protective order and I have to go back to court on wed at 9 am to ask the judge for a longer protective order. I am so emotionally and physically drained and scared. Please keep us in your prayers. things are no good here at all. I am having the kids come home wed after I go to court for the protective order. I had very little food ect and what I did have got thrown all over the lawn and I may lose my house because I cant come up with all the rent. I had to pay $75 today to file for emergency sole custody of the children. I need you to pray for me because I have never been so scared for me and the kids. I never thought he would go this far. 
Tuesday, August 19, 2003 2:40:45 PM mommyof3
Does anyone remember the Terms of Service where it says "don't question another's salvation"?? 
Tuesday, August 19, 2003 2:22:06 PM godsboy
I don't know what else I can give except prayer... I am in difficult situations also...

Dear LORD provider and bannor... please go before mommyof3 and help. Only you can help her in this situation, I don't even know if I prayed in time but you know where she is and her 3 children... come into their lives now and be a support... be mommy's husband and her children's father... provide and rain down the fruits of heaven...

From one aching heart to another, bless her before me... I pray she is not dead or living on the streets as I write...

May God bless you and keep you Amen... 
Saturday, August 16, 2003 1:02:05 PM methomas
"I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread." [Psalms 37:25]

It must be very hard for you now, especially with your 3 kids. I have been in financial need before, although definitely not as great/desperate as yours. During that time, the above verse comforted me. In the end, God provided my need. So draw near to God, and trust Him.

Father, I lift up this mother of 3, to You. Draw her to You, Lord, and cause her to know You in a deeper way. I know You long to comfort her, and hold her, for You love her very, very much. Help her in her financial needs. I pray that she will approach the right people for help, and may the glory go to You.

I pray for Your peace upon her as well. Keep her and her kids in good health, and protect them from physical harm.

Thank You. In Jesus' Name, Amen 
Monday, July 21, 2003 6:59:00 AM hissheep
Give Your Heart to God. Receive him into your heart.
Go to your nearest church, I am more than sure they will help you!!! Pray and believe. God does not play games, theres no fooling. So come to him honest and sincere. And whatever your needs he will meet them . But you have to do soemthing for God also, it doesnt work one way!!! God Bless You 
Saturday, July 19, 2003 12:47:25 AM guest
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