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I am just writing you all a thought for the day. you all remember the story of JONAH who GOD gave direction in his life to go but he decided to got another route. In the process he was put in the whale for three days. Man 3 days think for not following GOD he was put in the whale that must have been his low point huh Just think if you were put in a whale swallowed whole you probably would have thought man I am going to die it's over. But do you relaize that even though Jonah didn't follow God he was still in his will. How you ask because in the end God got him to the city he needed to be in but he had a chance to go own his own free will but didn't so the he went by way of God. You see God is going to put you where you need to be one way or the other. Another point to this story is the sailors that put Jonah on there boat were carring something God didn't want them to you see and a great storm came and the men cast Jonah over board and the storm ceased you see when you get rid of the things God wants you to your storm may ceased it may seem harsh but some friends or idols gods or things that are hendering you from GOD cast them away. Every good a perfect thing comes from the LORD. If it takes you from him cast it away. 
Wednesday, March 19, 2003 9:29:10 AM   shakazulu
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