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        Prayer to teach me to pray and speak bold in His Word.
I consider myself an outgoing person, but when it comes to praying in front of group, I get very intimidated. I want speak to God with a pure heart, but I get confused in my words. Pray that I may be more faithful and meek in my studies of His Word and when coming to Him in prayer whether on behave of others or myself I may do things decent and in order. 
Friday, January 10, 2003 2:03:48 PM   tfrancis
      re:Prayer to teach me to pray and speak bold in His Word.   
I also have had a hard time even just praying with one other person. God is helping me to get over that, and the best way to accompolish that is to ask him to give you the words you need in that circum stance. He will come through.....
Father, I lift up this dea child to your care and teaching. Lord, we all have times that we are afraid or nervous, but Father, I thank you that you don't care about fancy words or phrases. I thank you that you truely love to hear us when we come to you and on the behalf of others. Lord I thank you that you will supply what we need as we need it, and that only you are so Awesome to do that with us.Father, God, I ask that you would comfort this child and that you would always be there to guide them through the prayer time and ignite the heart Father as they come to you with an earnest and true heart. Father, I thank you in the name of Jesus.....Amen 
Tuesday, February 04, 2003 7:31:25 PM groadsmom
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