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My husband and I opened a new business and it has been really slow and we may have to close it soon. We have been praying for it to get better and we know it will. We are Christians and we know that the Lord must be put first and we also know that he can provide our needs. We are working with a company now that may give us thier business and that deal would help us and keep us from closing. I have a medical condition and unable to get medical insurance on my own, but I am able to get it from our business as a group plan for a high price but Thank God I am able to get it with my business. We have given our two employees free medical insurance for us to be able to add my family to the plan, so it works out for all of us, Thanks to the Lord. My medicine cost me about $700.00 a month and without the medical insurance it would be hard to get my medicines. So please pray we get this deal so we are able to stay open and for me able to keep my insurance. We do not want to get money we dont need, just money to be able to pay all the bills for the business and our home bills. I know with prayers it will be done, I have faith. Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please him:. and I know the Lord will help us. Luke 1:37 For with God nothing shall be impossible. God Bless each one of you who pray for me and my family and God Bless anyone who post to my request. 
Saturday, December 14, 2002 2:56:53 PM   kjnfemale

changed on Friday, December 20, 2002 1:10:11 AM

      re:Business Deal   
Hi, just read your request, and am wondering what kind of business you opened. sounds exciting.
Father, I just thank you for another day and for the many blessings we have experienced today and in recent days past. I thank you for the blessings to come as we live day by day in your love and grace, doing all we can to live a life for your glory. Lord, I thank you that you are always there with us each and every day, arms open and a loving spirit to guide us in all we do. Father, I come to you now and lift up this couple to your love and care and ask that you would guide them and lead them in the direction you would have them to go. Father,God, I ask that you would send them the help they are needing right now and Lord, you are the only one that knows exactly what their needs are at this point. Lord, if this business is truely in your will, I ask that you would help them to prosper, to get back on their feet, and bless them in all they do. Lord, if this is not where you want them to be, then Lord, I ask that you will close this door and open up a better,larger door in place of this one. Lord, what ever we ask, we ask it in the name of Jesus, in complete faith that your will be done in the lives of this couple. Father, bless them well and keep them always in your love, under grace, and filled with the holy spirit. Thank you Father for the answer to this and all prayers comming to you on behalf of this couple.
Father, I pray this in the holy and precious name of Jesus. Amen
God will surely bless you in the coming days. It's amazing what he can do in our lives.
Praise the Lord for his loving care. 
Sunday, December 15, 2002 11:36:09 PM groadsmom
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