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        I need prayer & advice.
Here is my story. I am a single mother of 2. Back in May I met a man & we have fallen inlove with eachother. We have been going to church & doing very well. At this point we are ready for the hardest test of our relationship. We have decide to wait until marrige to be intimate. Now, this is what we want we both want to be pure(white as snow). Here is my delima, my flesh sometimes wants the sinful thing that I want to wait for. I am trying really hard and for some reason I feel rejection by my boyfriend(I shouldn't feel this way because this is what I want).Now his mind sometimes wonders & thinks about other women in a fantasy way and he tells me about it because he feels guilty for thinking these things. However, this has made me very insecure. I want to be with him & I want us to be together & get married & walk with the Lord, but how can we together oversome this. He has progressed for the better but, still has some of his old hangups. Please pray for us & if it is God's will for things to come together. Also if anyone has any Godly advice please do so... I know this is very small compared to some of the other prayer request but, I really need Christian advice. Thanks and may God Bless You & Yours in Jesus Name. Thank You! 
Friday, September 06, 2002 6:51:15 AM   candace
      re:I need prayer & advice.   
Training in the Faith Life
The everything in this verse does not always come simply for the asking. God is ever seeking to teach us the way of faith, and in out training in the faith life there must be room for the trial of faith, the discipline of faith, the patience of faith, the courage of faith, and often many stages are passed before we really realize what is the end of faith, namely, the victory of faith. Real moral fiber is developed through dicipline of faith. You have made your request of God, but the answer does not come, What are you to do? Keep on believing God's word; never be moved away from it by what you see or feel, and thus as you stand steady, enlarged power and experience is being developed. The fact of looking at the apparent contradiction as to God's Word and being unmoved from your position of faith make you stronger on every other line. Ofren God delays purposely, and the delay id just as much an answer to your prayer as is the fulfillment when it comes. In the lives of all the great Bible characters God worked thus. Abraham, Moses and Elijah were not great in the beginning, but were made great through the discipline of their faith, and only thus were they fitted for the positions to which God had called them. You will find this written in Mark 9:14-32 Also remember that our lives and our bodies belong to our Father and we are His temple to work with. God Bless you and I hope this has helped some. 
Sunday, September 15, 2002 2:06:56 PM iknowjctoo
      re:I need prayer & advice.   
Hi, I don't know if this will help or not, but it is normal for people to have those feelings and thoughts inn this kind of circumstance. What makes it a sin is if a person followed through on these fantasys/feelings. [1 corinthians 10:13] "No temptation has seized you except what if common to man. And God is faithful' he will not let you be tempted beyonnnd what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it." [luke 22:46] "Why are you sleeping?" he asked them. "Get up and pray so that you will not fall into temptation." I think the best things you can do for this is to pray,pray,pray. In the morning, surinnng the temptation, at night, just any time. Then, to remove yourself from situations where you might be tempted most.

Father, I thank you for this new day, where we have the opportunity to start over with a clean slate. I thank you Lord God for the forgiveness that comes with repentance and prayer. Lord, I lift up this couple to your tender loveing care and ask that you would forgive them where they need forgiveness. Father I pray with all my heart that you would help this couple to overcome the temptations facing them, that they may keep themselves holy and pure until the day that you ,Lord, bring them together as man and wife. Lord I ask that your will be done in this relationship, and that if they are meant to be together you will draw them closer to you and to each other during this time. Strengthen them Father and give them the courage and comfort that is needed to hang in there for you. Father I pray that you would bless these two in their journey through life, and that you would always guard their hearts, and lead them in the direction you would have them to go. Lord, I ask that you wuld comfort them when things get tough, and remind them of the beauty of your love and the awesome ness they will one day share together as children of God.
Father, I thank you and praise you for all that you are doing and going to do in the lives of these two dear children. In the precious and holy name of Jesus Amen
God bless you both and when things get really tough, find some one to talk to who can also encourage you. Remember Prayer always and THE BEST OF LUCK TO YOU BOTH! 
Friday, September 06, 2002 8:58:23 AM groadsmom
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