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        Walk With Me
At this time in my life im finding it hard to stay up and positive about life and its outcome..I dread each day..and waking up is the worst. At this moment I feel like I need God to lend me a hand and walk with me. I need his guidance. I read a saying the other day that said "God is willing to guide you, but you must choose the direction" and For the most part I believe that true. So I am asking you to pray for me in choosing the right direction and to help me let God guide. I need his hand. 
Wednesday, September 04, 2002 7:40:17 PM   dreamangel
      re:Walk With Me   
Sometimes we seem to go through periods where nothing seems to go right. Even for the Christian heart, there are down times. Check out [Psalm 34:17&18, 55:22 and 2Corinthians 12:9] Then sit down and pray and thank God for his promises. What an amazing difference!!
Father, I lift up this child to your love and care. I ask, Father, that you would heal her troubled heart and replace Joy for depression. Father I pray that you would show her the path you have designed for her and that you would give her the strength and courage to follow your will. Bless her Lord as she steps out with you in faith. Lord I ask that you would surround her with those of faith who can share her burdens and encourage her along lifes road. Thank you Father for answering the prayers going out for this dear one, and Bless each one as they come to you in faith. In Jesus precious name Amen 
Saturday, September 07, 2002 8:20:01 AM groadsmom
      re:Walk With Me   
Please remember God will never leave you or forsake you. I love you and God loves you. Just when you think you have hit rock bottom God will lift you up, clean you up and send you out to do his mighty works. I have been where you are & I know everyone is different but, all it takes is prayer & only 1 person to tell you hey I love you. Father I pray for this person today Father that you will give them the strength, knowledge, wisdom, and love to get up & do what your will is for them Father. Bless them, keep them and be with them. May the Lord lead you where you should be. Remember God might not always come when you call but he's always on time. Bless you. 
Thursday, September 05, 2002 11:40:23 AM candace
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