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        Direction in my life....Prayer for my x-husband
I am 50 years old and married 19 years ago . Since then , we have divorced twice. The first time after 14 years of marriage , the second time 2 years later . He was a wonderful man when we married , but something changed him along the way . We were both active in the church for quite a while and yes , he knows the word and what is right& wrong. He left home to work " to make better money " but along the way he became involved with another woman . 10 months ago we decided to give it another chance . I moved my children 500 miles from where our home is to be where he wanted to be .( I have never left home in my 50 years ) He promised to come home, remarry and "Do things right this time ".At that time he was working in Aruba . So i moved everything and relocated here . He has been here for 3 months and all conversation of marriage consists of he thinks it is not in our best interest to get married . I feel totally devistated and my heart is hardening towards him . I have 2 boys 13 & 15 . My oldest has been terribly affected by the move . We have all been in church , but i feel i am living a lie because most of these people believe we are married . I am very confused , i do not understand . I do not know what to do . Please pray for direction in my life and that my x-husband will be honest with me and hisself.That if he sincerely wants to be with me and his boys that he will do the right thing ... for the right reasons . Thank you for your prayers. 
Thursday, December 20, 2001 5:51:17 AM   lb7351
      re:Direction in my life....Prayer for my x-husband   
Father in Heaven,

I lift up lb and her ex-husband to You. I pray that You will guide her and give her wisdom on how to deal with this relationship. I pray that You will bring her husband closer to You and show him what is the right thing to do.

In Jesus' Name, Amen.

lb, we do not have control everything but be encouraged that God is still in control. Whatever happens, He is able to work all things together for good. Your happiness is not hinged on a man who can sometimes lie to you or be unfaithful, but to a faithful God. Things may not work out exactly the way you want, but I believe in the scripture, all things still work together for good for us who are called according to His Purpose. Reach out to God in times like this and take courage that He will provide and will take care of you. 
Thursday, February 28, 2002 8:40:10 AM waihun
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