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        Pray that my husband come back to US.
My husband and myself are separated. He has given me uncertainity and insecurity feeling during our married life. I was always truthful to him and loved (still love him so much) him so much. I accepted him with his flaws. He has treated this marriage as a contract or a conditional relationship which hurted me a lot, thus had fights now and then. His mother came to visit us on Auguest 11th and by August I am out of the house. She interfered and made things worst and made him think that it was all my mistake. Now he is saying I am not good enough for him. She is giving me so many conditions now, if I am to live with her son. She is telling lies about me to him and he is believing her and not me. I am not sure if she is helping us or trying to separate us. My husband is not even ready to talk to me alone to hear what I have to say. He is blindly in assumption and anger and refuse to even go to a marriage conselor to help us out. He is not saying if it is going to be a divorce. As I have signed preneptual agreement, and I have given him all my money from bank (he asked me for that), I am now left with nothing. He said he would help me with rent until I find a job. He is still treating me with less respect. I still hope he would realize his mistakes too. That is why I am not talking this matter to a lawyer. I am trying to find a full time job to take care of my son and to survive. I found a part time job with the blessings of God. But it is too painful to live, not knowing what myhusband would decide about US. He says he is not sure what to do, but at this moment he doenst want to live with me for the rest of his life. Yet he is not fully asking for a divorce. This is litrally killing me. He moved out and refused to give me his address and phone number, but I know only his cell phone number. My love for him is making me very weak and emotional and I feel angry some time , confused some time, depressed some time and hopless sometime. In short I am going crazy. He is not realizing his mistakes at all. He still is taking his own time to decide and thinks it is up to him to decide!!. NO choice for me in this. I am praying and honestly sometime I lose faith in God too. I know I cant expect God to clear everything and create a situation I want. But this uncertainity is surely taking me to deep depression and bitterness towards everything around me. I am trying hard to keep balance, yet It is too much to bear. I put my life in the hands of GOD, and awaits his blessing. I want my family life back. I want my husband to think clearly and realize his mistake and forgive me for anything I have done to make him angry. I want him to be a human being and treat me with respect and love. Please God, Help me and my son. We are going through tough time for a very long time and Please don't let us down. I beg for your blessings as soon as possible. 
Saturday, October 20, 2001 8:00:16 AM   guest
      re:Pray that my husband come back to US.   
Dear Guest
I'm sorry you have to go through all these. I know it must be really frustrating for you.
God gives us a free choice, and He is a gentleman who will not force His will on us. It is not God's perfect will that both of you should be separated or even divorced. Yet free will is given to your husband.

I agree with Wai Hun. At the moment, your son needs you much more than your husband does. Channel your energy to your son who needs your love.

Hang in there ... Don't give up on God. He is always faithful and He never gives up on us. We are praying for you.

May you find rest and strength in the Lord.

"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust."
[PS 91:1-2]

"My flesh and my heart may fail,but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." [PS 73:26]

Father in heaven, I bring this Guest to You. I pray that you will bring this couple together.

I pray that You will grant her Your peace and rest in You. Give her Your wisdom to know the next step to take. Grant her, too, Your courage to take the next step of faith.

Father, provide for this Guest and her son as well.

In Jesus' Name, Amen. 
Monday, December 03, 2001 5:38:18 PM cherisheep
      re:Pray that my husband come back to US.   
Hello guest,

Many times life does not work out the way we want it. We can pray and things might still not work out the way we want it. However, having said that all things will work out for good because it is in His Word. Hold on to His Word and put your hope on Him. Don't become bitter because God can make things better. However, it may not be in your ways or in your timing. First, get out of your depression. Depression is a choice. You can choose to focus on your husband's cruelty or you can choose to focus on the life that you still have with your son and learn to appreciate that.

Whether or not, he comes back to you, you have to move on. Not only because of you but because of your son. For everyone who leaves you, there is another who is with you. Life will be difficult for your son if you choose to be bitter and if you choose to focus on your husband. We can pray for reconciliation but in the end, your husband too has a free will.

I have friends who have their husbands leave them but we have to move on while waiting. And in due time, God will give you an answer, whether to hold on or to let go.

Let me pray for you now.

Father in Heaven,

Thank You that even in hard times, we can still be thankful for so many things you have given us. I pray for this guest that You will give her supernatural peace and provide her with inner healing. I pray that You will send the right company to encourage and console her. But I know that You are the best comforter. I pray that You will provide for her in every way and I pray for reconciliation.

In Jesus' Name, Amen. 
Wednesday, October 31, 2001 8:13:36 AM waihun
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