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        Please join me in prayer.....
I found this in my email this morning. It sums up how I've been feeling but was unable to put into words.

Four thousand gathered for mid-day prayer in a downtown cathedral. A New York City church, filled and emptied six times last Tuesday. The owner of a Manhattan tennis shoe store threw open his doors and gave running shoes to those fleeing the towers. People stood in lines to give blood, in hospitals to treat the sick, in sanctuaries to pray for the wounded. America was different this week. We wept for people we did not know. We sent money to families we've never seen. Talk-show hosts read Scriptures, journalists printed prayers. Our focus shifted from fashion hemlines and box scores to orphans and widows and the future of the world. We were different this week. Republicans stood next to Democrats. Catholics prayed with Jews. Skin color was covered by the ash of burning towers. This is a different country than it was a week ago. We're not as self-centered as we were. We're not as self-reliant as we were. Hands are out. Knees are bent. This is not normal. And I have to ask the question, "Do we want to go back to normal?"

Are we being given a glimpse of a new way of life? Are we, as a nation, being reminded that the enemy is not each other and the power is not in ourselves and the future is not in our bank accounts? Could this unselfish prayerfulness be the way God intended for us to live all along? Maybe this, in his eyes, is the way we are called to live. And perhaps the best response to this tragedy is to refuse to go back to normal. Perhaps the best response is to follow the example of Tom Burnet. He was a passenger of flight 93. Minutes before the plane crashed in the fields of Pennsylvania he reached is wife by cell phone. "We're all going to die," he told her, "but there are three of us who are going to do something about it."

We can do something about it as well. We can resolve to care more. We can resolve to pray more. And we can resolve that, God being our helper, we'll never go back to normal again.

Max Lucado


Father reach out to America again today. Show all of us that NORMAL is a terrible way to be. Apathy and separation toward You brought us to the places we were when tragedy struck last week. A false sense of security allowed us to weaken our resolve and become complacent. When terror struck, YOU were America's first thought. When horrow reigned in our hearts YOU were there to comfort and sustain. Let us NEVER become that sure of ourselves again. Let us NEVER turn our backs on what YOU want for our nation. Begin now to clean us up Lord. Bring Your mighty conviction to our land. STOP parents from being too busy to really listen and see what their children are involved in. Stop the drug dealers fueled by greed and power. Stop the festering hate that causes pain and agony for the innocent. Reshape and reform our country on the principles of Your Word. Teach us all how to make You the head and heart of our nation. We truly want to be ONE NATION, UNDER GOD! Help us get this message out Lord. Help us to turn from desolation and embrace prayer and praise to solve our problems. Guide our leaders on the path YOU want them to take. Unite us in Your Love and Strength. Help us to shun NORMAL and allow Your Love and Grace to engulf us! in Jesus' mighty name. 
Saturday, September 22, 2001 6:14:10 AM   guest
      re:Please join me in prayer.....   
Father in Heaven,

I continue to lift up America and pray that You continue to give America wisdom and Lord, that You rebuild America after this tragedy to become stronger and closer to You.

In Jesus' Name, Amen. 
Wednesday, October 03, 2001 10:57:26 AM waihun
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