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        prayers urgently needed
Please pray for the complete healing of my father, Flavian. He has an aggressive brain tumor. Please also pray that he is able to have a positive attitude, peace and a strong faith through this time. Please pray for health, peace, faith and strength for my mother, Gloria, as well. Thank you, Darcie 
Saturday, July 28, 2001 8:32:07 AM   massive
      re:prayers urgently needed   
Father, I bring Flavian into your presence and ask for complete healing of his tumor. I know Father that Jesus' paid the price for Flavian on Calvery and that no disease can overcome Flavin. I claim his complete healing NOW in Jesus' name. Satan, I bind you and command you to release Flavian from your grasp and I ask the angels of God to complete their assignment and bring healing to our brother now. In Jesus' name I command the tumor to disappear completely. I speak words of health and healing over Flavian and stand strong believing that you, Father, will do everything your word says. I am confident that you always watch over your word to perform it. In the name of Jesus I pray ... Amen! Thank you Father for Flavian's healing! 
Monday, August 13, 2001 7:54:38 PM guest
      re:prayers urgently needed   
Father in Heaven,

I lift up Flavian to You and command every cancer cell, in the name of Jesus, to recede and to cease to exist in the name of Jesus. Father I pray that You will bring about a miracle healing upon him.

I also pray that You protect the rest of the family, Gloria and Darcie. Give them divine health as that is what You have exchanged for us on the Cross.

In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Darcie, try to get your father to confess healing scriptures. There are many healing scriptures in the topical verses:

There are also prayer emails on healing in the archive for you to read and encourage him on.

Continue to pray and uphold your father. Trust in God.

Just another thing for you, not for your dad ...

Ed Cole said that the greatest fear a rich unbeliever has is death. The least fear that a Christian have is death. There is nothing for us to fear now. So, do not fear, your father is safe in God's hands.

Continue to press on and believe for healing but do not worry for anything. 
Wednesday, August 01, 2001 9:38:08 AM waihun
      re:prayers urgently needed   
Father, I bring Flavian to you. You are Jehovah Ropheka, the Lord our Healer.
You said if we ask anything in your name, that will you do that the Father will be glorified in the Son. Father, I ask in Jesus name for your healing to flow into this man. Let him beaware of your presence, your peace and concern. I ask for the family that they would remain strong in the faith, knowing that Flavian is in your hands. Give them your peace and faith to believe that You almighty God, is in control of the situation.
In Jesus name i ask. Amen Wazza 
Wednesday, August 01, 2001 5:33:13 AM warwick
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