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        Pray for my son!
Hello Prayer Warriors,
Please keep my son Jimbo up in prayer. He is still having problems dealing with his anger. Pray that God will give him the inner peace he needs so desperately. He is in a lot of pain, and for a teenager it gets pretty rough. Also for my twelve year old son too. I need strength and also peace in my mind so that I may be able to give My children the Love they desire. God Bless You! 
Friday, March 23, 2001 12:30:27 AM   guest
      re:Pray for my son!   
Dear Guest,

I know about teenager's anger/ I have a son who has a bad temper too. Anger is only one letter away from Danger. God can work in many ways and sometimes the only way He can do his work is if the person is ready to recieve the ehlp that He wants to give. We can pray for our children but they have to have the mind to listen. If you want o E-Mail me and discuss this I will be more than willing to listen and I feel for your pain as well. I will pray for your sons and you too. Sometimes it's harder being the parent than it is the child, and in this day and time that is even hard than before.

Father in Heaven I lift this Friend up to you now and I pray that you will hear this plea. They as a family need peace and only the peace that you can provide. There are many times that you Father are will to help us, but we are not willing to listen and obey what you request and so many times we do not receive you help because of oour own problems. Help us Father to over come the times when we are stubborn and hard-headed. We are humans and you created us and you know us better than we know ourselves. Peace of Mind and love is asked of you for this friend and child of yours. Ease the pain caused by this problem and heal the children involved. Forgive us of our sins and draw us closer to your side. We love youand depend so much on you. Father, hold us tight and never let us go. I ask in yur Son's name of Jesus, this request for this friend. Amen.

Friend the anger will subside but only when we are willing to give it to God.

Monday, March 26, 2001 9:05:20 PM rdaugherty
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