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        Keep my daughter safe...
I am in the process of a divorce and in the middle of this dispute is a beautiful little girl that God blessed me with. The marriage definately needed to be ended but my daughter is getting the worst of it all. She is only 17 months old and does not know what is going on. During the marriage my husband was neglectful and mentally abusive to us both. And now he is trying to get 50% custody of my angel. I pray that God keeps her safe because he was not able to take care of her when he lived here. I have tried to talk to him about her safety and he does not seem to care. It seems that he is only doing this to get back at me and it is in return hurting our daughter severly, I would appreciate any prayer from anyone, and I thank each of you in advance. 
Tuesday, March 20, 2001 7:20:55 AM   baumbush3
      re:Keep my daughter safe...   
Most High God,,,Fahter we praise You and give You all Glory...Father we come to you in a humble spirit and ask that you be with this little girl and keep her safe...Lord help help to find safty in Your Hands...God You are worthy and all knowing You know why this is happening..we may not but You know all things...God please help this divore and this lady to go the best possible..Father I ask for this man to get the help he needs touch his heart O God help Him..pour out Your comfort on this mother and little girl..Lord I ask that You heal their hearts help them to come closer to You...Father You said all things work together to the good for those who love You...God we trust for You will to be done over this in Your time and in Your Jesus Holy and Awesome Name i Pray....Amen 
Wednesday, April 11, 2001 6:59:56 PM wwjd_emt
      re:Keep my daughter safe...   
Father in Heaven, you know our needs even before we ask! I lift this mother and child up to you asking that you protect them from all hurt,harm and danger. I bind the enemy in the name of jesus and I speak peace into their lives in the mighty name of jesus! Father, saved and deliver this father who seems to be in pain and confusion. Allow your holy spirit to work in the innerparts of his every being and bring him into a place of peace and love in the name of jesus! Be with this family through this trial and tribulation. Give them all the desire to call upon you for help and strenghth in the name of jesus! Let thy will be done! And Father I thank you, for all things in jesus Name Amen! 
Friday, March 23, 2001 4:55:56 PM guest
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