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        A Falling Attitude and Prosperity...
Dear prayer warriors...
The last few months I've become depressed -- disillusioned with the happiness around me, and unsure of my security, and suffering panic attacks. With all the excitement of a new casual job, I've only had 2 days work. I need to work. With my approaching marriage ever closer, I feel I'm not contributing my share financially. With all the difficulties I've been tested with in the last two years, I'm finding it really hard to keep my chin up and stay cheery, my positive attitude is falling by the wayside... my fiance tells me everything is and will be alright, but it doesn't console me.

Please pray for me.... I need the strength of the Lord that my brothers and sisters in Christ can provide... (I'd be happy to hear from anyone who mails me too...) 
Sunday, March 19, 2000 5:20:16 PM   pauline

changed on Sunday, March 19, 2000 5:55:16 PM

      re:A Falling Attitude and Prosperity...   
Lord Jesus,
You are the author and perfector of our faith. You are our Comforter, You make us lie in green pastures, You are the shepherd of our souls. Comfort sister Pauline Lord. Let Your peace, joy and strength be descended upon her even right now. Let Your love envelopes her continually and make her able to feel You Lord. Be more real in her life. Show sister Pauline that she is victorious in You and at the cross You died for her poverty too. Show her that you have already given her the ability to get wealth. Guide her even more on how to prosper financially and let her have favour in the eyes of men. Cover her with Your blood from the crown of her head to the sole of her feet. I thank You and praise You for Your continual wall of fire around her, I thank You and Praise You for Your fragrance that's on her and I thank You Lord Jesus that you have already lifted her out of her depression even right now. In Your mighty name, Lord Jesus, Amen! and Amen! 
Monday, March 20, 2000 11:49:00 AM ephlee
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