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   Prayer Email archive:
        (02/12/2000) Two-way fellowship with God?
hello prayer partners

1. prayer note: two-way fellowship with God?
"Prayer is a two-way fellowship and communication with
God...Prayer includes listening as well. In fact, what
God says in prayer is far more important than what you
[John 16:13]
"He will not speak on his own:
He will speak only what he hears,
and He will tell you what is yet to come."
~Henry T. Blackaby & Claud V. King

I read this at Michie's site (it's in the links
section of
and I thought how

Many times we pray and we say all that we want but we
cannot be silent and wait on God for Him to say what
He wants to us. It is not easy to be quiet before God
but we know that it can be done.

[Psalms 46:10]
Be still and know that I am God

Let us learn to hear from God and to give God His time
or His chance to speak to us. For those of you who
have difficulty hearing from God, my church just
started a series on hearing from God.

I've started topical verses on hearing from God. The
first topical verse is "How to hear God speak: the
right attitude"

or alternatively, listen to the audio messages or
download the text messages from

2. New Prayer Requests
Please pray for these new prayer requests, for Pauline
and especially for bc. bc has been praying for all of
us faithfully and now she has posted a prayer request
for her niece.

i. Employment for a new job - Pauline
I desperately need work. I have been unemployed for 2
years now.
I am a personal carer (aged care or disability care)
and an Integration Aide, amd prepared to do what the
Lord has for me. Iam a loving and caring person who
wants to make a positive difference in the lives of
others. Please pray that the right job will be
revealed and open to me.

ii. Help guide my fiancee to a Christian life -
This year I marry the wonderful man God has led to me.
Although he hasn't been raised an active Christian, he
has a good, loving and open heart. He searches for his
faith, and I'm not always certain how to help him.
Please pray for Glyn, that he will find God in his
life, that I will know how to help and support him in
his journey, and that our marriage will be the
beginning of a christian life together.

iii. Cathi has cancer - bc
This really isn't easy for me to write. Cathi is my
niece. I remember holding her right after she was
born. Now, Cathi is twenty years old, married and has
two children. Today I received a report that the
doctor said she has cancer and that the cancer has
started into the bone mass. She will start chemo
Wednesday and then radiation. I don't know what her
relationship is to the Father, but I do know that if
she hasn't that she needs to open her heart to Jesus.
I know about the healing power of God. I believe that
God answers prayer and I thank you for all of your

3. number of prayer partners: 40
we welcome dsg, pauline, rbeliving and alwright into
our prayer group.

In Christ,
Wednesday, February 16, 2000 5:09:02 AM   waihun
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