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   Prayer Email archive:
        (02/05/2000) Pray without ceasing
Hello prayer partners,

1. Prayer note: pray without ceasing

[1 Thessalonians 5:17]
Pray without ceasing

We mentioned before about how we can have more time to
pray ... pray when we are in the car, in the shower,
etc. Sandy just told me that she applied this and she
is looking forward to opportunities to pray everytime
even at work. This is good.

Now, what I'm going to say next may not be acceptable
to everyone. I am from a charismatic background and I
speak in tongues. I don't speak in tongues often when
I pray, I usually pray with understanding. Then, I
attended this new church that encourage us to pray
both with understanding and in the spirit. This has
really changed the way I pray and I find that I can
pray for hours when I am praying in the spirit. Since
we do not pray with understanding, u can be praying
while listening to a tape, or while ur working (softly
though, haha)
. It edifies us and at the same time we
are praying for others. Just lift the person up with
understanding first and then pray for the person in
spirit. Try it.

Scriptures to read [Romans 8:26-27]

For those of you who do not speak in tongues, I
believe that the Holy Spirit works in every one of us
and we are one in the body of Christ. I would not like
for us to go into a doctrinal issue here.

2. Urgent prayer request
I've submitted a prayer for KL who was in a coma for
lung cancer. He regained consciousness. The latest
update I got was that he fell into a coma again. In
the morning, the left side of his body was paralysed
and he went into epileptic fits. The doctor suspects a
brain tumour. His family is also making the final

Please lift KL up in your prayers and pray for him.
The people who are praying for him have not given up
hope, so let us lift him up before God and ask for his

3. Number of prayer partners: 33
We welcome saroo, lori and pchambliss into our prayer
group. Thanks for joining us.

In Christ,
Wednesday, February 16, 2000 4:57:50 AM   waihun

changed on Wednesday, February 16, 2000 4:59:15 AM

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