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   Prayer Email archive:
        (01/26/2000) Cast your cares upon Him
1. Prayer Update
bc has posted another prayer request. Please pray for
Gayle and her daughter who has been involved in a
serious car accident. She will furnish us with more
details later.

Note: This is not Gail whom we have been praying for,
but another woman named Gayle.

2. Special thanks
Thanks to everyone who wrote to me to tell me that you
are praying. I praise God that our prayers mean
something to the people we are praying for, and God
works through our prayers.

3. Prayer Partners
Number of prayer partners now: 20
we welcome 4 more prayer partners into the list. We
don't mention names here but i think it is safe to
mention nicks. We welcome the following partners:
1. angelgirl
2. skyangel50
3. tjones6930
4. amccain

Thanks for joining us.

4. Prayer Note
I've mentioned [1 Peter 5:7] before.
"Cast all your care upon him; for He cares for you."

The last time this was mentioned was to remind us not
to bear the burdens of the people we are praying for
ourselves. This time, I suggest that we do not bring
our own burdens into the prayer when we are praying
for others. When we come before God to intercede for
others, it is a good idea to first lay before God our
own burdens. Tell God, "Lord, these are all the cares
that I have and I cast them to You". When your burdens
are off your shoulders, then pray for the others. You
will be more focussed then.

God bless,
Wai Hun 
Wednesday, February 16, 2000 4:43:26 AM   waihun
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