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   Prayer Email archive:
        (09/22/2000) shepherd or sheep?
Hello prayer warriors,

1. Prayer note: shepherd or sheep?

[Deuteronomy 16:2]
Thou shalt therefore sacrifice the passover unto the
Lord thy God, of the flock and the herd, in the place
which the Lord shall choose to place his name there.

One wonderful thing about our Christian walk is that
we have the Holy Spirit and the inner witness. Deep
down, many times, we know what God wants us to do.
Some of us, however, are very strong-willed and we
also know what we want to do. Sometimes what we want
to do is not the same as what God wants us to do.

God chooses the places where we should go to. God
chooses for many things in our lives. Either we get to
choose or God gets to choose. If God chooses, He
becomes our Shepherd and we shall have no lack [Psalm
], wanting nothing in the end.

[Psalm 23:1]
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

You know what the revelation is? This verse only
applies when God is our Shepherd. Not when He is only
God in our lives but when He becomes our Shepherd. If
we choose, how can God be our Shepherd? Who is the
sheep? Let God choose the place and let us like sheep
trust in God and follow.

2. New prayer requests:
i. Prayer for Adam Ricardo -- guest
Adam is a 14 year old Hockey Player. He decided to
dive off of his patio cover into the pool. He slipped,
fell & cracked his skull. Adam & his family are in
need of prayer.

ii. An accident -- debski
My husband was hit by a car 2 years ago & was in the
trauma center. The litigation for this accident has
been going on & on. The situation has become very
stressful to my husband & to all our family. We have
put the situation in God's hands & know the outcome
will be God's will. It is hard sometimes especially
when the evil one keeps putting his digs in. Please
support us with your prayers. Thanks to you all.

iii. Pray for Tommy -- thankful
dear prayer warriors;please pray for my brother Tommy.
His wife just told him she wants a divorce & served
the papers the very next day. He is devastated & lost.
He does not know the Lord. Please pray for strength &
for God to use this to lead him to salvation.

iv. Healing for Roscoe -- gmles
Roscoe is undergoing tests for colon cancer. Several
family members have died from cancer & he is concerned
for his life. Please pray for his salvation & that the
Lord do a mighty work with his health as well.

v. For Mark & Jeanine -- gmles
Pray for direction in their lives. They have been
faithful servants of the Lord for 15 years. Their
finances have been strained for years, & now they feel
the Lord leading them out of their home state.

3. Prayer update:
i. Update on John -- tampa613
Praise God!!! Thank you & God bless each & every
Prayer warrior. John got his reports back from the
doctor & everything was negative!! I just cannot
express my deepest gratitudes to my Lord & Savior
Christ Jesus!! He is so good & loving. I appreciate
your obedience in praying for my friend. He is such a
blessing to all who hear him sing. He loves the Lord &
believes in God's everlasting promises to his
children. I hope all that read this have a wonderful
revelation of God's word. My prayer is for everyone to
see that God's word is for all who believe not what
your denomination may be. We are ONE in Christ & he is
the Head. Together we are a family & united Praise The
Lord!! Thank you so much once again.

4. Number of prayer warriors: 435
We welcome raj, nadine, s_boltzen, davekim, mjg,
pamela, jvreyes, lil_angel_01, rei, jaspa, susan,
blackberry_14 and nylee into our prayer group.

Two has unsubscribed and 3 emails has become invalid.

In Christ,
Saturday, September 23, 2000 8:59:01 PM   waihun
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