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   Prayer Email archive:
        (07/17/2000) the 5th W
Hello prayer warriors,

1. Prayer note: the 5th W

This is the last W in our series of developing
sensitivity to God's voice. Let us recap the other Ws:

1st W: Withdraw - get alone in a quiet place
2nd W: Wait - calm your thoughts and emotions
3rd W: Watch - observe any mental pictures
4th W: Write - record what you receive

Here comes the 5th W:

[Hab 3:2]
O Lord, now I have heard your report, and I WORSHIP
you in awe for the fearful things you are going to do.
In this time of our deep need, begin again to help us,
as you did in years gone by. Show us your power to
save us. In your wrath, remember mercy. (TLB)

Yes, worship. Worship God for what He has shown us and
thank HIm for the things that He is GOING TO DO. This
is like the climax of our meeting with Him because
when we have watched and written, we fully acknowledge
that this is what God is going to do and thank Him for

Worship also makes us more conscious of God's presence
and is the best way to end our intimate time with Him.

2. New prayer requests:
i. Marriage Reconciliation -- joeljohnson
Pray for the reconciliation of my 19 year marriage.
Pray that God shows his will in my marriage and that
he binds satan in my life and my wifes. Pray that my
wife will come and seek the Lord and that God reveals
what is of Him and what is of the world in our life.
Pray God will bring back the love and marriage that
has been stolen by the king of thieves.

ii. God's direction -- jessie
Please pray for God's direction and wisdom in my life
concerning my future. 3 of my 4 children will be in
school full time and know God is stirring something in
me. Preparing me for something. I just don't know what
it is. In my heart and for 3 years I have wanted to be
a professional gospel singer. I haven't moved on that
and have since become the worship leader at church. I
am open to whatever God wants!

iii. prayer for reconciliation and healing -- patjd
Please pray for our 17 yr. marriage. My husband has
seperated from the marriage. pray for my prodigal
husband, that he finds his pig pen so that he comes
home. I am standing on the promises of God and will
not give up. Pray that the Holy Spirit would fill his
heart. I pray the armor of God on him. Please pray for
Godly men in his life.

iv. Matt -- d_korie
I have this guy that is hopelessly in love with me. I
did have some feelings for him but they have
diminished. Please pray for me so he will leave me
alone and I can have peace. I also want to pray that I
didn't hurt his feelings when I brushed him off. I was
harsh. Thanx!

3. Prayer update:
i. Pray for a move -- childofgod1914
Dear prayer warriors,
Once again the Lord has answered my prayers to move
closer to my family. I thank you for your prayers but
once again opposition has come about in the process.
Please pray my safety and that God will give me favor
in the midst of those against me.

4. Number of prayer warriors: 308
We welcome tiramisu01, martin, gmcphers, missaudrey,
bidlerl, patjd, hillary, gtojunkie71, jenny,
peterlohman, nikii and tomha68 into our prayer group.

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in Christ,
Monday, July 17, 2000 9:20:42 AM   waihun
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