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   Prayer Email archive:
        (04/07/2003) The essence of prayer
Hello prayer warriors,

1. Prayer note: The essence of prayer

[1 Thessalonians 5:17]
Pray without ceasing.

In a recent message, my pastor recently covered how
God can restore us in spite of our blunders. One of
the topics included restoration by the joy of His

What is the joy of His presence and how does this
relate to our topic for today? Many of us have
forgotten that prayer means enjoying His presence. The
essence of prayer is not some ritual which we perform
15 minutes or half an hour a day. It is not the two
hours we spend groaning or crying to God. It is not
the pages of petition that we bring before God for Him
to perform on our behalf.

Many times we look at the form and forego the
substance. We observe all the form of bringing our
list of prayer requests to Him and of ending the
prayer right in the Name of Jesus but forget that the
most important equation in prayer is not the formula
but His presence. When we do that, we have effectively
missed out on the essence of prayer. We have prayed
without praying :)

What is the first thing that we need to do when we
come to God in prayer? Realise WHO we are spending
time with. Realise that this is the same God who said
He will be faithful to us, who loves us perfectly even
though He is also the person who can see us at our
worst. He knows everything about us and yet in spite
of that, He loves us so passionately that He was
willing to strip Himself of everything that He had to
come down and die for our sins. He does not demand
that we fulfill all the right things and be perfect
before we come to Him. We are already perfect because
He sees us through Christís sacrifice. He fulfilled it

Because of that we can come to Him freely in the car,
in the bathroom, in your seat right now and enjoy His
presence. We can be in prayer always because we can be
conscious of His presence and be enjoying and
communicating with Him all the time or any time. It is
just like a relationship with someone who loves you,
like your spouse. You are not going to be all tensed
up thinking of all the things you shouldnít have done,
didnít do or should have done before you spend time
with your spouse. You just spend time and enjoy each
otherís company and be comfortable in each otherís

So, WHO is this God whom we are spending time with? He
is someone who loves us and accepts us and we can be
with Him all the time. When we learn to be conscious
of His presence and learn to enjoy Him, we can be
praying without ceasing. All we need to do is observe
the substance, not the form!

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4. Number of prayer warriors: 1848
We welcome every new member who has joined us since
the last email. There were so many that I decided not
to list all their nicknames down in this email.

Continue to pray for prayer request on the site and
please pray for me that I will continue and persevere
in this ministry. I need your prayers.

Your sister in Christ,
Wai Hun 
Wednesday, April 23, 2003 4:43:12 AM   waihun
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