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   Prayer Email archive:
        (06/27/2000) emotion of the day
Hello prayer warriors,

1. Prayer note: emotion of the day

[Romans 8:14]
For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are
the sons of God.

We walk into a restaurant that offers the soup of the
day free with a meal. So, we ask, what is the soup of
the day?

Do we also walk into the office and people ask us,
"what is the emotion of the day?". They ask to be able
to anticipate what is going to be their portion for
the day. If we are in a frustrated mood, they will
expect to be snapped at by us over little things. If
we are depressed, they know that we will not have a
productive day. If we are happy, they know that they
will be safe.

We are sometimes like that. We let our emotions and
our flesh rule us and affect our day. But what does
God say? The Bible says that we are to be led by the
Spirit of God and not by our emotions.

[Proverbs 28:25] Like a city whose walls are broken
down is a man who lacks self-control. (NIV)

[2 Timothy 1:7] For God hath not given us the spirit
of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound
mind. (KJV)(or self-discipline in NIV)

So, when we wake up in the morning, proclaim His
liberty and ask for the Holy Spirit to lead you and
for us to have power over our emotions. Do not let our
feelings cripple us or have the better of us and say
that I am able to conquer all because God has given me
a spirit of self control and I am a son of God who is
led by the spirit of God and not by my emotions.

2. New prayer requests:
i. license -- white dove
long story.but suing BIG isurance com.for lying re.
judgement against me license suspended
then reinstated, then suspended stuck in house
church,whole mess. I forgave these people, but you
can't drive by faith ,legally,Thur 6/29/00 3pm, I will
walk out of court w/ license and settlement in Jesus
name .I'm missing Church,ministry,rehab,VRS
retraining, physical therapy,seeing kids and grbabies
husband in 2 yrs. drives me on day off, he needs to
rest this started 14 yrs ago.thk you for agreeing with
me.this is not God,being on the back side of the
desert is one thing, going downhill is another God
bless,and praise him for this web, this is my only

ii. leading of HOLY SPIRIT in ministering to Native
Americans -- white dove
I'm part/blood Choctaw,look Irish, Finally involved
with Indian Band here in the East, and moving cause of
asthma back to AZ,NA's love the CREATOR, they respect
what FATHER has given, but we all know the bottom line
is [JOHN 3:16], lift me up to be accepted, used, that
I'm sensitive to Holy Spirit and to be sensitive to
NA. They have,in past had "whiteman's God shoved down
throat, abused every way,I want them to see the real
Father God and Jesus thru me and my husband,that HE is
the God of all and not a white man's God We just got
our names offical White Dove and Spirit Wind and part
of a NA forum.on the web .I am available to them
24/7,but will not compromise the word of GOD. Already
in the first letter to all in forum i was introduced
as a minister with healng ministry, guess God does
make room for our gift.Also lift me up for reading the
Word,I,still at 55 yrs.old hate reading (concentration
and retention needs.:)
I thank you in HIS name. I walk
the path with God and bring my people on the path with
me. donadagohvi Cherokee "til we meet again

iii. wife and marriage update -- pooki
Please continue to pray for us. We are separated now.
She told me it's largely because my job is to preach
against her lifestyle, and everthing she likes and
wants to do. God has said it would work out, but I
don't know how long it'll take. Pray for love to cover
us, and for my patience and faith to grow.

iv. parental salvation -- manean
My name is Mick, I'm 17 and I live in Oklahoma. I
believe God has blessed me with my household and
family for the sole reason of leading my family to
Christ. No one else in my immediate family accepts
Christianity and I have prayed extensively for them.
Just recently I have felt like some barriers are being
broken and the wall around their hearts is coming
down. I just ask for prayer for them and for myself
that I would stay so focused on God that I don't miss
the opportunity to show them the full extent of my
love. Thank you and God bless.

3. Prayer update:
i. Update on my children -- thankful
(waihun: gwen's daughter has returned and they will be
going for a counselling session with the youth pastor
on Tuesday. The full update is on the site.)

dear prayer warriors;
God has used this trial to show me some very
particular areas in my life that need to change in
order for the Lord to work in my children. Thank you
for praying for our family and be encouraged God
answers prayer and reveals the heart issues if you
really are ready to deal with them. I need prayer to
obey in the areas that God has showed me. God is good
and loves us and I know he restore fellowship between
us in his time. thanks again. thankful!!!!

ii. Roger's father is still missing
continue to lift up Roger's father in your prayer

4. Number of prayer warriors: 267
We welcome manean, danimal2183 and mivelez into our
prayer group.

in Christ the Lord,
Tuesday, June 27, 2000 11:48:14 AM   waihun
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