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   Prayer Email archive:
        (06/17/2000) inner healing
Hello prayer warriors,

1. Prayer note: inner healing

What do we do if we have difficulty forgiving?

God knows our frame, He remembers that we are dust
[Psalm 103:14]. For some of us forgiveness is
instantaneous, but some of us forgiveness is a process
because we have to go through the process of inner

Some of us may turn to psychiatrists which may not be
that all bad. But sometimes it is bad if we focus on
all our negative emotions and talk about our hatred or
things that the other person has done in our lives. We
hope that talking about it with someone else will heal
all wounds but sometimes it doesn't help. Remember
life and death is in the power of the tongue:

[Proverbs 19:21]
Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and
they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

The best type of inner healing is achieved when God is
in the picture. Two of the names of the Holy Spirit
are Counsellor and Comforter. A good Christian
counsellor will always bring God and prayer into the
counselling session because God is the Healer.

The anointing of God breaks the yoke [Isaiah 10:27],
so come before God, bring Him your hurts and start
praising Him. Tell Him everything and cry but always
end by praising Him. Ask God for His healing anointing
and forgive the other person.

The next thing that you need to do is really hard, but
in the end we will be blessed when we do this. Ask God
to bless the person who has hurt you. You may not mean
it at first, but as you continue coming before God and
doing this, you will start feeling compassion, love
and grace towards the other person and you will be
released from this torment.

You may have to do this again and again and it will
become easier through time. Because God will slowly
reveal to us what He can do through the situation. And
believe that ALL things can work together for good ...
even the bad things in your life.

[Romans 8:28]
And we know that all things work together for good to
them that love God, to them who are the called
according to his purpose.

I really believe this now. I've gone through very
difficult times in my life but now, I see more clearly
now that God has never left me and God knows what is
best for me. And I thank Him now for allowing me to go
through these trying times and helping me to triumph
and to forgive. It only hurts God and hurts us when we
are tormented. Why should we let anyone or anything
rob us of our joy or our blessings?

God is a God of great reversals. He has done that so
many times in the life of Abraham, Moses, Gideon and
even in the life of Jesus, and He can do that in

One word of caution though. You can forgive freely,
but trust must be earned. If someone constantly cheats
you of your money, you may forgive but are you going
to trust him with your money again? It takes time for
you to trust the person again and you've got to decide
whether you want that person in your life as a close
friend again. Some people may say, if you have truly
forgiven, you should be able to trust the person

[Phil 1:9]
And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more
and more in knowledge and depth of insight

Love must be mixed with discernment. God has given us
wisdom. We will forgive but we will not be gullible.

2. New prayer requests:
i. Brother's alcohol problem -- gp54
Please pray for my brother,Larry, who has just started
drinking again after being off of alcohol for a year
and a half. GP

ii. Prayer for guidance -- thankful
to fellow prayer warriors;
please pray for me. I just lost a job due to in part,
unforgiveness and in part for being truthful and
witnessing. I trully thought I was doing it in the
spirit but now feel confused on whether I did it in
the flesh. not only am I jobless, I am confused about
speaking up for wrongdoins in the workplace. I would
appreciate prayer for guidance. thank you! gwen

iii. Pray for a move -- childofgod1914
Dear Children of God,
My family is in need of my presence in my hometown but
because of my job I can't leave. But now God has
opened an opportunity for me to leave. Please pray
that I will be blessed to move closer to my family and
be delivered from my circumstances. Be blessed.
Rev. Martin

3. Continue to pray for:
i. Pray for Roger's father -- waihun
Pray for Roger's father. He is still missing.

4. Number of prayer warriors: 255
We welcome scottpolansky, edkingsley, sharon and
michaellisa into our prayer group.

in Christ alone we place our trust,
Saturday, June 17, 2000 2:08:16 PM   waihun
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