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   Prayer Email archive:
        (12/11/2001) grace, the unmerited favour
Dear prayer warriors,

1. Prayer note: grace, the unmerited favour

In the last email, I mentioned that grace as mentioned
in the bible has two meanings:
i. unmerited favour
ii. supernatural enabling.

I talked about grace as supernatural enabling. Now,
I'd like to talk about grace as unmerited favour.

What does unmerited favour mean? It means we don't
deserve it. It means we don't have to work to earn it.
What is it that we don't have to work to earn? God's
acceptance of us.

He accepts us. But unmerited favour goes beyond that.
Beyond accepting us, He loves us and finds favour in

I've mentioned this before in previous emails that
many people take Christ as their sin offering to God.
Jesus died so that our sins may be forgiven through
Him. But He did not just come to become our sin
offering. He also became a burnt offering, which is a
fragrance or aroma pleasing to God.

In sin offering, our sins are transferred to the
animal. In burnt offering, an animal perfect and
without blemish is chosen so that the perfection of
the animal can be transferred to us. That is what
Christ did for us so that we will not just have a
right standing with God, but He will find favour with

[Romans 3:24-25]
24 Being justified freely by his grace through the
redemption that is in Christ Jesus:
25 Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation
through faith in his blood, to declare his
righteousness for the remission of sins that are past,
through the forbearance of God;

What does propitiation mean? The Greek word that is
used is Hilasmos, which means "the means of
appeasing". It comes from the root word hileos which
means gracious, happy, friendly, bless.

This means that when we accept God's sacrifice, what
Jesus has done for us on the Cross, God is happy with
us and He finds us pleasing to Him.

That is the difference: not just acceptance but love
and favour. What we have from God far supercedes His
acceptance of us. If only many of us realise that.

It doesn't matter how much you have not done for God
or how much you have failed Him. We don't work to gain
His favour or His love. He has given it to us
unconditionally on the Cross. We just have to realise
that and learn to accept His complete sacrifice, not
just forgiveness of sins or acceptance but we have
special favour with God which is known as "grace".

So, everytime you "feel" that God is not pleased with
you, just remember the significance of His sacrifice
(propitiation) and confess the following out loud:

"I am deeply loved, greatly blessed and HIGHLY
FAVOURED in Christ."

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in Christ,
Wai Hun 
Tuesday, December 11, 2001 10:27:59 AM   waihun
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